Texas Revolution/Republic Timeline

Timeline created by MarcHess
  • Start of the Revolution, Battle of Gonzales

    Texans refused to return a cannon that belonged to the Mexicans, starting the Texas Revolution
  • Texas Declares Independence

  • Battle of the Alamo (Mexican Victory)

    Santa Anna and his forces overwhelm the Texans defending the Alamo, executing those who remain. Even though they lost the battle shows Texans that they are willing to fight.
  • Battle of San Jacinto (Texan Victory)

    Texans attack the Mexican army and win, taking Santa Anna prisoner
  • Treaty of Velasco signed

    After capturing Santa Anna he was forced to sign the treaty, ensuring Texas' independence and ending the Texas Revolution
  • Sam Houston elected President of Texas

  • US Recognizes Texas Independence

  • Introduction of Paper money

  • Mirabeau B Lamar becomes president

  • Battle of Neches

  • Capital is moved to Austin

  • Council House Fight

  • Sam Houston Elected President (again)

  • Anson Jones Elected President

  • Texas Annexed by United States

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