supranationalism/devolution mckenna kauffmann

  • U.S./Great Britain

    U.S./Great Britain
    devolution. The U.S. wanted to break away from Britain because Britain's taxes and tarriffs were too high for Americans. So they had the American Revolution where the U.S. became the first country to beat Britain. We were granted independance in the hope that we would still be trading partners.
  • Canada/Quebec

    Devolution. To start off the type could be economic and cultural, both having different reasons. It could be cultural because Canada is mostly Protestant and Quebec is mostly Catholic, also Quebec's most common language is French. It could be economic because Quebec wanted to seperate but still have some close economic ties. Also since Quebec is on the coast canada still wants ties to that land and natural resources.
  • Triple Alliance

    Triple Alliance consists of Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary. Came together to keep Europes peace. That didn't happen it actually was the complete opposite.
  • Triple Entente

    Triple Entente
    Supranationalism. This was an alliance between Great Britain, Russia, and France. The Triple Entente was put into place to stop the Triple Alliance. -Political/Military-
  • Leaugue of Nations

    Leaugue of Nations
    Supranationalism.In the Leaugue of Nations the U.S. did not join. Italy departed in 1937 and Costa Rica and Brazil left before 1930. Germany also left in 1933. But then the Soviet Union joined in 1934. In the Leaugue there were 63 states. -political/military- this was to prevent future agression
  • Ireland/Great Britain

    Ireland/Great Britain
    Devolution.Ireland was given independance in 1937. This is because the Protestant and Catholics were fighting. When Ireland was given their independance though all of the Protestants moved north and created the small country of northern ireland. The type was cultural.
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    Suprationalism. In the Warsaw Pact the countries were Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Eastern Germany, Poland, Soviet Union, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. -Political/Military- The Warsaw Pact is there to defend themselves(the countries) against NATO
  • Germany After WWII

    Germany After WWII
    Devolution.The "Iron Curtain" was put into place splitting up into East and West Europe. The West bacame Democratic and the East became Communist. Germany was also split by the Berlin Wall into East and West Germany. The original country is Germany and the type is Political/Military
  • Soviet Union

    Soviet Union
    Devolution.The main reason for the breaking up of the Soviet Union was the destruction of the Berlin Wall. This caused east and west Germany to re-unite. Also another reason they broke off was because some countries were rich in resources so they broke off to keep the resources to themselves. The original country was the Soviet Union and the type was economic
  • European Union (EU)

    European Union (EU)
    Supranationalism.The countries in the European Union are Germany, UK, Portugal, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and Italy.-economic- The European Union's purpose was to establish a single currency now called the euro.