Stearns ch. 20

Timeline created by Annafrazee
  • 1415

    Portuguese capture Ceuta (Morocco); beginning of European expansion

    Important step in the beginning of the Portuguese empire in Africa
  • 1441

    First shipment of African slaves brought directly from Africa to Portugal

    Henry sent expeditions out and they came back with African slaves as a way to compensate for the expenses of their voyages.
  • 1562

    Beginnings of English slave trade

    This would have a lasting impact on not only England but North and South America.
  • 1570

    Portuguese establish colony in Angola

    A process that started with the missionaries in the kingdom of Kongo in the 1490s and they conquered coastal areas that would serve as centers for slave trading.
  • Fall of Songhay Empire

    After the battle of Tondibi, the Songhay empire collapsed.
  • Dutch establish colony at Cape of Good Hope

    The colony was originally made to just be like a pit-stop or a resupply point for the Dutch East India Company on their way back and forth between their various voyages.
  • English get right to import slaves to Spanish empire

    Known as Asiento de Negros, it was the cover of the English translation of the Asiento contract signed by Britain and Spain.
  • Slave uprising in Haiti

    Toussaint-Louverture took control of the rebels and organized a war against the colonial population on the island.
  • Cape Colony comes under formal British control

    The British declared the Cape colony was a crown colony in 1873, they originally occupied the cape in 1795, which led the extermination of the Dutch east India company's role in the region.
  • Great Britain abolishes slavery in the West Indies

    Slavery Abolition act, freed more than 800,000 enslaved Africans.