Quarentine diary by Sara

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    Friday 20st March

    Last Friday I weak-uped very early todo doed my homework and doed an others things, when I was doing my homework at the same time I talked with my friends in a video call. At afternoon I doed some draws and I watch the TV, when I was bored that watched TV I taked my phone and I watch videos in YouTube. At nigth I watch the TV the news, I saw that the coronavirus infected to a lot of people and I thinked that we have to stay un our houses. Because this Is a big problem, that we have to solution.
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    Saturday 21st March

    Last Saturday I weak-up with a lot oficial energy, at the morning I talked with my friends in a video call, the video call was very long but when I was talking at the same time I worked in my homework.
    At the afternoon I saw in Netflix my favourite TV show with my mum.
    When it was 7:00 o'clock in the afternoon one of my friends called my to talk, we talked a lot of time, because I love talk with this friend.
    At the night I saw in the TV the news, and later I read a book.
    This was my Saturday
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    Sunday 22st March

    Last Sunday I do some special things.
    At the morning I open my old phone, and I see what's inside, I've got Musically, this app is very old. Now in Google Play or in Apple system we can't have, when I goed to open doesn't can open. But I see that I've got an other's interesting things.
    At the afternoon I play with my old Nintendo, and I do homeworks.
    At the night I watch a TV show in the TV, was very interesting.
    And this was my last Sunday!!!
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    Monday 23st March

    Last Monday I weak-up very early because I wanted to tidyed my room, when I finished to clean and organize my room I goed to do some draws watching YouTube videos.
    At the afternoon I saw in TV that in Spain there are a lot of people infected, I know that we have to stay at home but sometimes some people breaks this rule.
    At the night I readed a book very interesting and leater than read this book I saw in TV some programs.
    And this was my last Monday.
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    Tuesday 24st March

    Last Tuesday I do some normally things, because we were stay at home and we can't go to the street and all the days we have to do the same.
    At the morning I do some draws and I watch the TV in English to learn more English.
    At the afternoon I do a smoothie because I were bored and later I do a session photos in my garden an in my bedroom, and I film some Tik Toks.
    At the night I watch TV and I read a book, later than read a book I revise my gallery to see the photos that I do later.
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    Wednesday 25st March

    Last Wednesday I saw in the TV that the people that die for Corona virus (in Madrid) the funeraryes are putting the people dead in the Ice Palace.
    At the morning I watch this news in the morning and I very impacted... But later I read a book, but at 10:00 I have a video call with my class.
    At the afternoon I saw in my phone that the quarantine can extense to 15 days more. And later I continue reading a book.
    At the night I finished my book, that's a very interesting finish.