PricklyPear Media

  • Logo Finalized

    Logo Finalized
    The PricklyPear LogoPricklyPear logo was created, you can see how it evolved over time, and what it is today. The original idea behind the logo was to choose a fruit and simply putting "media" on the end of it. After a long search it was understood that Cyprus had a single fruit nobody really recognized, "the pricklypear" or "papoutsosiko" as it's known in Greek, PricklyPear Media was formed.
  • Business Cards Finalized

    Business Cards Finalized
    The business cards and stationary sets were created. Our business cards are die-cut UV printed, with our reserved prime number of 77 78 79 80, kind of makes you think you're ordering for pizzas.
  • Mascot Created

    Mascot Created
    Our mascot is called "Prickly", he is the face of the company. Our concept behind this was to make people laugh. We find out that so many company in Cyprus are serious and dull, caring only about batch output, we wanted to put a personal touch on the idea with our friend "Prickly"
  • Purchased Computers

    Purchased Computers
    Dell Precision 690 We only purchase the best, the very best. We own several Dell Precision 690 workstations specifically designed for high-end processing. One of the systems has an astonishing 32GB of RAM, out of this world.
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    Logo Created

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