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  • Being Born

    Being Born
    I was born on September 29th, 2004. This plays a big role because without this date I wouldn't be here and I might've even been a different person. On this day I began to live my life and started understanding the world I was brought into. During these years after I would begin to grow and start making dreams come true. Without this role I wouldn't be sitting here right now and I wouldn't be having these big ideas.
  • Moving to Colorado

    Moving to Colorado
    Without this date I wouldn't be the shy yet loud girl I am today. Colorado was a dark time but it was also a very bright one and it was filled with great memories. While I lived there I had some family issues and usually hung out by myself and that made me really shy to new people, but I've broken out of my shell because I remembered how hard my family had it there and I felt like it was my duty to make them smile again.
  • Learning How Sports Work

    Learning How Sports Work
    This is a big role because I love playing sports. When my sister taught me how to swim I began to love it and wanted to do more things like it. I then found out that soccer was a sport and tried it out for a year before quitting and then a few years later I got really into volleyball. None of these sports I played competitively except for soccer, but it shaped me into the sport-loving person I am today.
  • Presenting

    Ever since I was a kid I've hated presenting. I would go up on stage and would start shaking and I felt like everyone was judging me. I still feel that to this day and I think that because I'm so self conscious and I don't like being the center of attention. I remember going up to say my line and thinking I was going to say something wrong. Ever since then I've been terrified of presenting; I even play it off. This role kind of made me the self conscious girl I am today.
  • Reading

    When I was in around third grade, I started reading bigger books without pictures in them and I loved them. I think this role plays a major part in my life because if I hadn't read those big books I wouldn't be reading books as much as I am today. I love reading with a passion and I couldn't see myself without books. This role also plays a major part in my life because books bring me joy and they teach me things, I feel like without books I wouldn't be as imaginative as I am today.
  • Meeting My Friends

    Meeting My Friends
    If I hadn't met all of my friends back in 1st-4th grade I probably wouldn't be as happy as I am right now. They brought me out of my shell and taught me a bunch of things that I didn't know, These people, alongside other factors, brought me out of my shy shell and made me laugh and cry. If I never met these people I'd still probably be really shy and not as outgoing, They made my humor shine and made me realize how good I am.
  • Getting Pets

    When I first got my dog I knew it was going to be a lot of responsibility but I only heard of how hard it was going to be. When I got him, I had to feed him, walk him, train him, etc.I started to get discouraged because it was a lot and I was so busy. When I started getting better, I started loving the responsibility and I feel like part of training him made me more responsible than I already was. I was caring for something other than myself and I loved it.
  • Joining Colorguard/Band

    Joining Colorguard/Band
    If I never tried out for the Colorguard team and made it I would still probably be very lazy. Colorguard made me try harder than I ever have and the satisfaction of getting something right made me really happy. Colorguard also helped me make a bunch of new friends and it made me think harder to try and figure out stuff. Band in general makes me think and it keeps me on my toes and thinking. Without this date I probably wouldn't be as active or as hard-working.