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Personal Identity Timeline

  • Birth

    I was born on January 7th, 2005 in a hospital in the Hermosa area.
  • Kindergarten graduation

    Kindergarten graduation
    In 2010 I graduated Kindergarten from St. Ferdinand elementary school.
  • Moving into new house

    Moving into new house
    Me and my mother moved into our new house she purchased in he Dunning area. We have lived there ever since.
  • Funny

    I've been told from time to time that I can get a laugh out of people. I really started enjoying comedy (more specifically sets) when I watched a comedian named Gabriel Iglesias doing a set on comedy central.
  • First concussion

    First concussion
    I was skating down a ramp and ended up hitting my head. After throwing up and not feeling too well I went to the ER. Had no further problems, but was sort of a shaky experience.
  • Middle school graduation

    Middle school graduation
    I graduated from Canty middle school, the ceremony was at Steinmetz.
  • Made baseball team

    Made baseball team
    Made the school baseball team. Ever since I've been motivated to practice baseball, lift weights, and eat healthier. While this has greatly benefited by health, I'm trying to do it for baseball. I really love the sport and want to go as far as possible in it, doing whatever to give me the best shot possible.
  • Coronavirus hits, baseball season cancelled

    Coronavirus hits, baseball season cancelled
    On March 16th I was at baseball practice (I had made the team two weeks prior) and CPS announced our season was suspended indefinitely. Our season ended up getting cancelled, sophomore year I was cut, and I have never quite recovered.
  • First football practice

    First football practice
    I joined the football team freshman year and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Bought my first vinyl

    Bought my first vinyl
    I bought my first vinyl at Half Price Books on October 24th of 2020 for 7 dollars. That record was Peter Frampton Comes Alive! My second record I ever bought was Women and Children First by Van Halen. Both records remain two of my favorite ever, and I have been collecting records ever since (my collection stands at over 100).
  • Got my Xsport membership

    Got my Xsport membership
    In preparation for football I got a gym membership to Xsport. I have been going ever since and it has become an integral part of my life.
  • Got hired at Raising Cane's

    Got hired at Raising Cane's
    I was job searching for the longest and after working a horrid two weeks at Butera earlier in the year, I was finally hired at Raising Cane's. I have been working there ever since and it is much better, I thoroughly enjoy it.
  • Drove a car for the first time

    Drove a car for the first time
    I signed up for RANGE through Taft and drove a small Ford in circles, practicing turning. It was scary, but I feel more confident that I can drive better in the future.