Peaky Blinders Timeline

  • World War I

    Before the events of the series, the Shelby brothers fought in World War I as part of the British army. They were 3 brothers, Thomas, Arthur and John. Their job was to dig tunnels under enemy lines to pllant explosives, risking being captured by the enemies or the tunnels collapsing. Both Arthur and Thomas suffer from PTSD. After they return to Birmingham, they take control of a small criminal organization, the Peaky Blinders, from their aunt Polly.
  • A robbery gone wrong

    Tommy is now back at the top of the Peaky Blinders. He orders the pick up of some goods that were coming through the city, but, the Blinders take the wrong crates. These crates had weapons from the Birmingham Small Arms Company. The missing weapons grab the attention of the government to the Peaky Blinders, and Winston Churchill sends an investigator named Chester Campbell, and he brings an undercover agent named Grace to infiltrate the Shelby family.
  • Inspector Cambell and Grace.

    Campbell does a lot of stupid things when he arrives to Birmingham, first, he beats the shit out of Arthur Shelby, because he thought that he was the leader of the Peaky Blinders. At the same time, Grace becomes employed at the Shelby's pub. When Arthur comes back and tells Tommy and John that Campbell was looking for the guns, Tommy decides to dump them so the police can find them, but he changes his mind at the last minute. Grace decides that Tommy is the leader and tells Campbell.
  • Striking a deal

    The Peaky Blinders made a lot of money by fixing horse races, but they were doing this without the permission of the man who runs the races on that corner of England. So Tommy decides to make a deal with the police, he gives them the guns, as long as the law lets him kill Billy Kimber. He also offers up Freddy Thorne, a known communist to sweeten the deal.
  • Infiltrated

    Tommy spends a lot of time in the bar because of how stressed he is because of his job. He starts getting closer and closer to the bartender named Grace. She is an undercover agant who's task is to find out where the Peaky Blinders are hiding the guns.
  • Kimber

    Tommy plans to kill Billy Kimber to gain full control over the races, but Billy Kimber finds out about this plan and goes to Small Heath to get rid of the Peaky Blinders. Kimber shoots Tommy on the chest, but Tommy returns fire, and shoots Kimber in the head, killing him.