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Paul Scollon

  • Gradute DkIT (first time)

    Gradute DkIT (first time)
    Bachelor of Science in Computing in Software Development. Passed with Distinction. SKILLS ACQUIRED: Generic Programming Principles, C++ Language, Unix Programming. It was also while at college I started messing about with Linux and getting familiar with the commands, compiling and running programs, etc
  • Trade Galore

    Trade Galore
    First job as Java Developer/Network Administrator for Trade Galore, Dun Laoghaire. We make time-sharing software for Spanish tourist industry. I got this job solely becuase of my experience with Linux. SKILLS ACQUIRED: Java GUI Development, Firewall Configurations, Linux Mail Servers, Linux Web Servers, SAMBA Servers, NT File Servers While here I migrated the whole company from Windows desktops to SuSE Linux. This was quite a big accomplishment in 2001, would be even now.
  • SteelTrace, Dublin City Centre

    SteelTrace, Dublin City Centre
    Java GUI Development and responsibility for nightly automated tests of our requirements management tool. The company, now MicroFocus, sold for 20 million in 2006. SKILLS ACQUIRED: J2EE, Advanced NT Domains, Fibre Networks, XML Started messing with web technology aobut this time, and wrote an AI bot in C for video game Quake II.
  • Digiweb

    Began work for Digiweb managing hosting services and support for wireless broadband (first in country). Became head of support and designed most of the systems they still use. SKILLS ACQUIRED: Linux User Administration, Wireless Networks, Satellite Technology, ASP, PHP Started using Linux as my exclusive desktop OS at home
  • PC World, Dundalk

    PC World, Dundalk
    Started as Head Technician for PC World Dundalk. The Dixons Group provided me with extensive train in Apple, HP and Microsoft products. SKILLS ACQUIRED: People! Desktop troubleshooting, IBM Servers and Workstations (Thin Clients), Apple OSX. Note that during a slump, take ANY job you can get. It's easier to find work when IN WORK. I set up PC World sundalk with an isolate network that cleans user laptops and backups up files using Linux servers.
  • Freelancing

    People started demanding my skills on a daily basis around this time, so I started charging them! Few website designs, lot of laptop repairs, bit of networking. Started drinking lot more coffee, even had phone calls Christmas Day this year..... started installing Linux on user machines. My whole family use Linux desktops! I'm now effectively working 7 days a week, good job I enjoy it.
  • Dundalk Institute of Technology

    Dundalk Institute of Technology
    Started as Technician in DkIT. Mainly responsible for migration to a new interactive website. Also take responsbility for wireless network and proxy servers, among other things. SKILLS ACQUIRED: Perl Scripting, Bash Scripting, DNS, Squid, Debian, Ubuntu, Sun Microsystems. Solaris.. endless list. Still growing.
  • Eircom Golden Spider Award

    Eircom Golden Spider Award
    Winner Best Education and Training Website 2007 for This practically guaranteed me a permanant job, for life if I want it. We're currently putting finishing touches to the current, which is the second rebuild.
  • PC Maintenance Nightclass DkIT

    PC Maintenance Nightclass DkIT
    The best way to retain information is to teach it to others. This is what I did when I decided to take everything I had learned in PC World and teach it as a class. I did this for 3 years, and by year 3 I did not need the notes or need to stop and calculate data transfer rates on various hardware.
  • altFIRE Technologies

    Registered my own buisness name altFIRE Technologies to handle increased amount of requests for websites. Better start paying taxes on this stuff! The business has grown steadily and now make nearly 10,000 a year. However, it is difficult to keep the balance right between workload and freetime. 10,000 is not enought to give up your day job, but enough to eat up all your evenings and weekends, thus annoying wife and dog who also want my time!
  • Open Source Workshop

    Open Source Workshop
    Gave a workshop throught the Chamber of commerce on Open source Technology for business. This was a good boost for altFIRE Technolgies. I do a lot of work for the Chamber still, including host their website, email and cloud storage solution. All based on open source of course.
  • Advanced Web Design

    Advanced Web Design
    Created and began teaching the Advanced Web Design nightclass at DkIT. Students learn PHP and MySQL, as well as CMS skills with Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress etc. One of the most popular classes at Lifelong Learning Centre, booked out nearly imediately every term. Several students have gone on to get good web programming jobs.
  • Graduated from DkIT (Second Time)

    Graduated from DkIT (Second Time)
    Graduated Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing, Information Technology Management, 2:1. This was mainly a tickbox for my progression in DkIT, but I enjoyed the course and spent an insane amount of time on my project, building it for real rather than just writing about it.
  • Goulburn, NSW, Australia

    Goulburn, NSW, Australia
    Receptive IT Solutions roll put a mesh network based on the findings in my college project. They email me with many questions and thanks for all the hard work. It was worth releasing my work on the Internet for free as someone got to implement it properly!