Papa emeritus

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  • Papa emeritus 1

    Papa emeritus 1
    This pope was the first to appear in the band "ghost"
    His appearance was that of an old man, he had a black robe with red.
  • Papa emeritus II

    Papa emeritus II
    This pope was chosen by pope emeritus 1 during a concert in 2012
    While introducing himself for the first time he started singing "secular haze"
  • Papa emeritus II without makeup

    Papa emeritus II without makeup
    During the song "year zero" he can be seen without a mask, he uses glasses to hide cuts in his eyes.
  • Papa emeritus III

    Papa emeritus III
    It appeared on June 3, 2015 after Pope Emeritus II was forced to abdicate the papacy due to his incompetence for not overthrowing churches or governments.
    He is the younger brother of the two previous popes
  • Papa nihil (zero)

    Papa nihil (zero)
    Seconds after Pope Emeritus III was removed, this Pope was surprising the public, after he announced that it was the beginning of the medieval era.
    He is the father of the three popes presented
  • End of Pope Emeritus III

    End of Pope Emeritus III
    On September 30, 2017, during a concert, two people abruptly took him out, thus ending his period as Pope.
    The public witnessing this was speechless
  • Cardinal copia

    Cardinal copia
    He is the successor of Pope Emeritus III, he was chosen by Pope Nihil, he is the first pope who does not bear emerita blood.
  • Death of popes emeritus I, II and III

    Death of popes emeritus I, II and III
    On April 30, 2017, popes emeritus I, II and III were assassinated on the orders of pope nihil and the clergy, their bodies were put on display during the prequelle tour
  • Papa emeritus IV

    Papa emeritus IV
    Moments after Pope Nihil died, the cardinal copia was crowned Pope Emeritus IV during a concert in Mexico City, thus marking a new era for the papacy.
  • Death of pope nihil

    Death of pope nihil
    During a concert in Mexico City, Pope Nihil died of a miasma attack while playing a song called "Miasma" with the saxophone. This was shocking as it marked the end of the lineage emerito.