Obsolete products

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    Magnavox Odyssey Era

    Magnavox Odyssey the first gaming console ever, was released in 1972 September, but only 3 years later the product was discontinued, because of the not great advertisement which led to poor sales.
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    Pong Console Era

    The Pong console was a major success with better advertisement than the Magnavox Odyssey, more people would buy the console, and updated versions of this console would keep releasing up until 1992, because of the more advanced game consoles taking over, the Pong console was outdated, causing it to be discontinued.
  • Magnavox Odyssey

    Magnavox Odyssey
    The first gaming console "Magnavox Odyssey" is released
  • Pong (console)

    Pong (console)
    The Pong console was released shortly after Magnavox Odyssey is released
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    Gameboy Original Era

    The first Nintendo Gameboy made in 1989 was a big success, the Nintendo Gameboy was a handheld console and it quickly became a fan favorite, a reason, why it has become obsolete, is because Nintendo released newer better Gameboy and also started focusing on making DS's
  • Gameboy (original)

    Gameboy (original)
    The first ever Gameboy is released
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    PlayStation (OG) era

    The original PlayStation was the first generation of PlayStation created by Sony, it was discontinued in March 2006 as Sony released the new PS2 in 2000 which was better in practically any way and the PS3 in 2006 fully killing off the OG PlayStation.
  • Playstation OG

    Playstation OG
    The first Play Station gaming console is released.
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    Gameboy Color Era

    After 5 years the Gameboy color was discontinued, the main reason being is because Nintendo focused on making the Nintendo DS and Wii.
  • Gameboy Color

    Gameboy Color
    The Gameboy Color is released
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    PS2 era

    The PS2 is discontinued after 12 years of production, because the PS3 which was released in 2006 have completely taken over.
  • PS2

    PS2 Officially released
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    iPod OG era

    The first generation of iPods was in production for a year, it was discontinued because the new second-gen was released. This iPod is now completely unused because of its outdated firmware and because our phones can play music too.
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    Xbox OG era

    The Original Xbox was released in 2001, but they discounted it in 2007, the reason it was discontinued is that the Xbox 360 was released and it was obviously better than the original Xbox
  • iPod (OG)

    iPod (OG)
    The first ever iPod is released.
  • Xbox (original)

    Xbox (original)
    The first generation Xbox is released.
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    iPhone 1st gen Era

    The first iPhone was released in 2007 and it was a major hit, after 1 year apple discontinued the manufacturing of this phone because the iPhone 2 was being released, but the phone was not completely useless until 2013 when software updates were not supported on that phone.
  • Iphone (1st gen)

    Iphone (1st gen)
    The first gen iPhone is released
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    Samsung S

    The first of the S series, Samsung's first S model was in production for almost 2 years before being discontinued fully. The software was also only supported for 1 year and 7 months. It was discontinued because the galaxy s2 was released.
  • Samsung Galaxy S

    Samsung Galaxy S
    The first ever "S" Series Samsung phone is released