Niels Bohr (1885-1962)

  • Structure of the Atom

    In 1913, Bohr suggested that the arrangement of electrons was different than previously thought and proposed by Rutherford in 1911. He said that the atom did not follow the traditional Laws of Physics. This was so important because at this time, people had no idea that was possible yet. Another thing that blew peoples' minds was that Rutherford was his "instructor" at the time, although they worked pretty much side by side. They did not like eachother very much, so it surprised everyone.
  • Nobel Prize, Physics

    He won the Nobel Prize for his work in quantum physics, specifically the reason why atoms only emit light of certain wavelengths when jumping to lower orbits. This information is so essential because prior to this, scientists had no idea that there was a reasoning for this. It also showed the world that he had worked very hard on this and that it was officially accepted by many. Additionally, it is stated that each year, they should nominate someone who made the biggest contribution to mankind.
  • Theoretical Explanation of Periodic Table

    The Periodic Table is one of the most important resources within Physical Science. It has so many uses and is necessary in determining information about elements. It was originally invented by Mendeleev a few years prior, but he added his thoughts to the mix. This is significant simply because he added thoughts to his predecessor's ideas and they were widely accepted.
  • Fission of Uranium

    Firstly, he figured out that Uranium-235 was the only naturally occurring fissile isotope. Basically, he found that the potential energy from adding a neutron is greater than the energy needed to fuse it. Thus, making is fissile and the only one to be as so. This in itself is such a huge discovery, and has proven useful even until today. His work paved the way for nuclear power plants, medical devices and others.
  • Period: to

    Manhattan Project

    The Manhattan Project focused on the invention and testing of nuclear weapons during World War II. Bohr was closely involved in this because of his Jewish beliefs. He came to the United States to develop these weapons and succeeded. Of course this is relevant because this was the first atomic bomb ever. This entire idea brought a newfound excitement and fear to science. Then of course people thought of the philosophical ideas and repercussions as well.
  • First Ever U.S. Atoms for Peace Award

    Bohr being honored with the first ever Atoms for Peace Award was huge because of course it was the first, but it was very important to society. It was a promise that him and anyone who knew of the power that nuclear weapons held, that they wouldn't let it be used for any more devastation. By doing this, he showed the world that such information should never be used again.