Nicole Bracken's Timeline

  • Birth

    I was born on March 22, 1997. My parents are Jennifer Mulligan and Jason Bracken.
  • Period: to


  • Moving

    After my parent's divorce, I moved from Morresville to Brownsburg with my mother.
  • Divorce

    When I was four, my parents got divorced.
  • First Day

    My first day of school was at Brown Elementary. I went to that Elementary school until 5th grade.
  • Moving, Again

    This time, I moved to a different house in Brownsburg with my dad.
  • Baby Sister

    My little sister was born on this day at 1:08 PM. Her mother is Jennifer Mulligan, and her father is Tom Mulligan.
  • Middle School

    I went to West Middle School until I was in 8th grade.
  • Sister Moving

    My sister left Brownsburg, and she moved in with my grandparents in Coatsville.
  • High School

    This was the start of my freshman year at Brownsburg High School.
  • 12 Angry Women

    This was my first, of hopefully many, opening days. Being able to act helped me out so much.