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  • When I was born

    When I was born
    In 29 of june of 2006 I was born
  • 1 Year old

    with one year old, I already know how to say mama, and papa.
  • 2 Years

    With two years, I was almost walking, and I already know some basic words
  • 3 Years Old

    3 Years Old
    With this age,I already know how to walk but sometimes I was still falling, and I was running a little bit, and with this age I was studying at Pindorma in level 3
  • 4 Years Old

    4 Years Old
    I was already walking very well, and running, and I know how to talk very well. And I learned the numbers and I know how to count to 1-10
  • 5 Years Old

    5 Years Old
    With 5 years I already know all the numbers and I love to see my sister playing viedogames
  • 6 Years Old

    With this age I was entering the first grade in school, it was really nice, we had a nice teacher that was very kind with us.
  • 7 Years Old

    With this age I started to watch my father playing a new game he downloaded, and I was playing toghether, it was very cool during this time, and my father kept a message that I leaved to him, it was written "Pai foi muito -legau- jogar com voce"
  • 8 Years Old

    8 Years Old
    With 8 years old I went to one hotel in the beach with all my family, we had a nice time there
  • 9 Years Old

    With 9 years I owned my first computer to play my games, it wasn't the best computer ever, but I spent so many time playing with it
  • 10 Years

    10 Years
    With 10 years old I went to Beto Carreiro for the first time, the toy I most went was the "Carrinho bate-bate"
  • 11 Years

    In this time I was at 5th grade, and was the time I went to Missões with all my classmates, it was really funny.
  • 12 years

    I earned my first cellphone that I'm using it until today.
  • 13 Years

    I changed of school, from Pindorama to Fundação, I was really afraid of going with people I didn't even know.
  • 14 Years

    Now I'm at 8th grade, we can't leave home because there is this viruses Corona Virus .