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My Life and Future

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    Prenatal Development and Birth

  • Birth of Angelia Patrice Gagin

    Birth of Angelia Patrice Gagin
    I was born at Garden City Hospital at 6:16pm. Proud Parents are Pam and Wayne Gagin. Brother Kurtis becomes a big brother. I was 8 pounds 6 ounces 22 inches long.
  • Complications at Birth

    My mother and I have different blood types. While giving birth my blood got into her blood and she now has anitbodies in her blood from me. She could no longer have children because it would put the baby and my mother at risk for even more complications and even death.
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    First 2 years

  • Baptism

    I was Baptized at St. Thomas in detroit michigan. My god parents are my uncle mike and aunt kathy.
  • Crawling

    I started crawling between 5 and 6 months old.
  • Walking

    I took my first steps at 11 months old!
  • Cast on My Feet

    Cast on My Feet
    When i was born my feet were turned inward, commonly known as pigeon toed. My doctor put cast on my feet to help straighten them in November of 92 and took them off in september of 93.
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    Play Years

  • Potty

    I finally started using the toilet between ages 2 and 3. To help me want to go on the potty more and more my more used a sticker chart every time i went on the potty. After getting so many stickers she would buy me a toy or take me out to eat.
  • First Dance Class

    First Dance Class
    My mom put me in my first dance class at age 4 at Jeanie's Zimblaties, ever since then i feel in love with dancing. After two years I moved to Jans Dance Connections and danced all the way to senior year in highschool after 14 years. I took jazz, tap, hiphop, ballet, pointe, modern, gymnastics and hawaiin. I did competitive dancing for 12 years and went to nationals for 4 in muskegon michigan, clevland, sandusky and cinncenati ohio.
  • Riding a bike

    I started to ride a bike on my own between ages 4 and 5
  • Meeting My Best Friend

    Meeting My Best Friend
    I meet Michelle in Kindergarten and we became best friends and was also my first sleepover besides a family members house. She moved to lake orion in second grade and we have stayed in touch ever since. We our both now in college, shes at wayne state and im at schoolcraft and we still manage to spend time with eachother. She is not only my bestfriend, she is my sister too!
  • Big Girl

    Big Girl
    At age seven i finally started sleeping in my own bed for the whole night. Also i gave up on my blankey from when i was born. I took this blanket everywhere with me and if i didnt have it i would throw a fit and have to go back to get it.
  • Moving

    Before starting third grade my family and I moved from Redford to Livonia. I also went from going to catholic school to public school. I kept some of my friends and ofcourse i meet new ones.
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  • Confirmation

    I made my confirmation in 9th grade at St. Kenneth's. My sponsor was my cousin Kristine. Although she is 10 years older then me she's the one person in my family that i can talk to about anything, shes always there for me and im always there for her. She has 3 children under the age of 4 and im always willing to help her out.
  • Highschool Cheerleader

    Highschool Cheerleader
    I tried out for Cheerleading in August of 2006. I made the freshman and junior varsity team. I was a cheerleader for both sideline and competitive seasons. For both years of competition we won all 8 competitions, 4 each year. I quit before my junior year and before gettin gmy varsity letter. Cheerleading changed my life, it made me fit and changed my views on how cheerleaders are stereotyped.
  • First Job

    First Job
    I got my first job at age 16 at little caesars pizza place. I worked the cashier, did dishes, made pizzas and cut and boxed them. A couple months after that i became an employee of the city of livonia keeping score for baseball games in the summer. After two years of working at little caesars I quit. I now currently work for garden city hospital as a transporter, a babysitter for a 5month old and still working for the city.
  • New Driver

    At age 16 i bought my own car. A used grandprix 2006. I took out a 5 year loan and i am still currently paying it off.
  • First serious relationship

    First serious relationship
    I meet my boyfriend tj in june of 2009. We started dating in jan of 2010 and we have been together ever since. He is a wonderful boyfriend that treats me well and hope to have a future with him someday. This kid has changed me for the better, he accepts me for who i am and puts up with me when i have moody days. We have rough days but I always know we can make it through it.
  • Junior Miss Scholarship Program

    Junior Miss Scholarship Program
    The owner of my dance studio was apart of a scholarship program for senior girls in highschool. In some cities they had competition to become that cities junior miss and in others that didnt have the program were gaurenteed the title. Each cities Junior Miss was able to compete for Michigans Junior Miss in ann arbor. Guidlelines were to have an accumulative gpa of 3.5 or higher, a talent, interview, and fitness. We lived in host houses in ann arbor and did community service for a whole week.
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    Future Goals and Predictions

  • Nursing School

    Nursing School
    My Goal is to be in the nursing program at Madonna University by the age of 22. Once i graduate from there transfer to wayne state to get my bacholers in Oncology and become a Pediatric Nurse Oncologist at DMC childrens hospital
  • Marriage

    My goal is to get married between the ages of 23 and 25. I want a big wedding with all of my family and friends in a catholic church. Until i get married i do not picture myself moving out of my parents house not only because i have loans and payments to pay but also becuase im a firm believer of not living with a man until your married.
  • Pregnancy

    After i get married i would love to start having my first child by the time I am 30 years old. Although I enjoy boys more than girls as long as I have a healthy baby Im sure I will be a proud mother.
  • Death

    I am going to predict that I am going to die happy, of old age between 80 and 90. Although cancer runs in both sides of my family I am going to hope and pray that I stay cancer free my whole life, and if im unforunate and do get it to be strong and push through it.