My History

  • Max Henry Reid

    Max Henry Reid is born
  • Shirley Violet Cahill

    Shirley Violet Cahill is born
  • Ronald Graham Leddick

    Ronald Graham Leddick is born
  • Jannice Anne Pitt

    Jannice Anne Pitt is born
  • Max and Shirley Reid

    Max Henry Reid and Shirley Violet Cahill are married.
  • Steven John Reid

    Steven John Reid is born. The seventh child to Max and Shirley
  • Ronald and Jannice Leddick

    Ronald Graham Leddick marries Jannice Anne Pitt
  • Catherine Anne Leddick

    Catherine Anne Leddick is born. The first child to Ron and Jannice.
  • Shirley

    Shirley, my grandmother, died of cancer not long after my parents were married and long before I was born. I have always refered to her simply as 'Shirley' as I never knew her as anything else.
  • Steve and Cathy Reid

    Steven John Reid marries Catherine Anne Leddick
  • Melissa Jane Reid

    Melissa Jane is born to Steven and Cathy, their first child.
  • Alexandra Louise Reid

    Alexandra Louise is the second child born to Cathy and Steve
  • First Steps

    I took my first steps at 10 months old
  • My First Steps

    I took my very first steps in the Kitchen of the house I still live in and had learnt to walk by 11 months of age.
  • Nicholas Benjamin Reid

    Nicholas Benjamin Reid is the third, and final child, born to Cathy and Steve Reid
  • School

    My first day of school
  • Pompa

    My 'Pompa', My Father's father, died of a heart attack on the 24th of March. I was in grade 1 at the time and have still have some memories of his funeral. This was my first real experience of death and loss.
  • Disneyland

    In September, 2000, I spent 2 weeks in Los Angeles with my Grandparents, Aunt, Mother, Brother and Sister. From a very young age, my Nan had always promised to take the three of us children to Disneyland, and this was the year.
  • Grade 6

    In Grade 6, I was asked to be school captain. This was a significant boost to my confidence and helped me learn public speaking skills and gave me a great sense of responsibility and leadership.
  • Alpine School

    In Year 9, I was selected to attend the Alpine School in Dinner Plain. This was a great step in my independance from my parents as I lived with 46 other students for 9 weeks, with only 1 visit from my parents, and could only contact them via mail or email.
  • First Job

    I started my first (and current) job at Woolworths at age 15. I have since been promoted to supervisor and I still (mostly) enjoy my job.
  • Separation

    On the evening of the 3rd, I was at a friends 18th birthday when I found out my parents separated. I remember this night clearly as one of great hurt, and it has greatly shaped and changed my present, or then future.
  • Year 12

    In Year 12, I was voted as School Captain, which I won by 3 votes. It was a particular honour to be voted by both my peers and my teachers to take on this responsilibity.
  • Borneo

    After Year 12, I spent a month travelling the country of Borneo as part of a group called World Challenge. This opened my eyes to a new world and fostered my love of travel.
  • Swinburne University

    In 2009, I began a double degree at Swinburne University in Biotecnology and Media. The 6 months I spent at Swinburne confirmed to me that I had taken the wrong path, and teaching was trully where my passions lay.
  • Jorja

    Not long after midight, my beautiful cousin Jorja was born. Jorja is the closest of all my cousins, and the only cousin I have on my mother's side of the family.
  • Deakin Univeristy

    After deffering my course at Swinburne, I applied to Deakin for a position in the Primary Education course. I knew instantly that I had made the right choice as life at Deakin was more enjoyable and welcoming than Swinburne had ever felt.
  • Divorce

    My parents legally divorced.
  • The Big 21

    I celebrate my 21st birthday.