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My fabulous life!

  • Period: to

    Me- Myself- And I

    This timeline will be about my life! ENJOY!
  • I arrived to the Earth!

    I was born. My father says that I had a pyramid shaped head. Apparently, my face was purple!
  • My first b-day!

    I turned one! Apparently I just shoved my fingers right inside the cake!
  • My first tooth fell out!

    I lost my first tooth!
  • Moved to Dubai!

    This is the day I moved to DUbai. My father was already here, waiting for us at our house. We arrived at midnight, but when we got to the house there was something waiting for us! My father never blew up our mattresses so we had to do it!
  • Swimming championships

    This is the day we went to the swimming championships! We had dinner with the American and Hungarian swimming team!
  • My mother's uncle died!

    Death hurts... but if God wanted it this way then it must be for a reason...
  • I will be traveling alone!

    This will be my first time to travel alone! I will be going to HUNGARY!

    We wish you a merry Christmas!
  • New Years Eve

    Happy new year everyone! It's time to welcome 2012!! Lets hope that the world won't end... :)
  • The world will end!

    Well scientists have been saying this for a long time now, but lets hope that it isn't true... :-)