Monster Timeline

  • 1st Skull Island Expedition

    1st Skull Island Expedition
    Discovery of Monsterland chain first expedition of Skull Islands Skull island South living dinosaurs discovered and baby Titanus Kong and brought it back to New York where it escaped and was killed
  • Japanese Skull island Expedition

    Japanese Skull island Expedition
    Similar event to the American expedition on with a baby Faro Island Kong that was killed when it escaped in Toyko
  • 3rd Skull Island Expedition

    3rd Skull Island Expedition
    Another American expedition to south skull island with better results then the first two more dinosaurs discovered and another baby Kong of the Sothern Skull Island Genius Discovered
  • Period: to


    First Modern Kaiju Activity
  • The Great Buddha Arrival

    The Great Buddha Arrival
    The Buddha statue in Shurakuen Park comes to life and travels around Japan exact records of this incident were lost to allied bombing during world war 2 only and incomplete summation and a single picture remain
  • Skull Island Travel Ban

    Skull Island Travel Ban
    Due to the danger the League of Nations created a ban on all expeditions to the Skull islands
  • Hollow Earth Kaiju Theory Proposed

    Hollow Earth Kaiju Theory Proposed
    To explain skull island the theory of an Hollow Earth that connects to Skull Island is theorized but is reject by the scientific community
  • Nazi Expedition to Skull Island North

    Nazi Expedition to Skull Island North
    Wehrmacht expedition disappears shortly after heading to skull island north
  • Period: to


    World war 2 era Kaiju activity
  • Reigo vs the Battleship Yamato

    Reigo vs the Battleship Yamato
    An IJN combined fleet near the Turk islands accidently killed the Dai-Kaiju Reigo's offspring causing a fight between the naval group and the monster that lasted a few days ending Yamato reportedly killed the monster (Unsubstantiated report says monster might of helped sink the Yamato in 45, and the USS Lawton was sunk by an unidentified monster a year later) Quite possibly the very first modern Dai-Kaiju attack
  • U.S.S. Lawton incident

    U.S.S. Lawton incident
    The U.S.S. Lawton was attack and destroyed by an unknown giant Kaiju leaving William "Bill" Randa as the only Survivor
  • Frankenstein is Created

    Frankenstein is Created
    Frankenstein is created when a mutated human heart the Nazis gave to the Japanese for study is irradiated during the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima
  • Trinity Site Atomic Teast

    Trinity Site Atomic Teast
    The 1st successful atomic weapon detonation
  • Rhedosaurus Incident

    Rhedosaurus Incident
    The Dinosaur Rhedosaurus is awakened by nuclear tests in the arctic causing it to rampage along the North American coast until it is killed at Coney island
  • Oxygen Destroyer Created

    Oxygen Destroyer Created
    Weapon of mass destruction accidently invented by Dr. Daisuke Serizawa capable of destroying oxygen
  • Period: to


    Start of the first Kaiju War
  • Period: to

    1st Kaiju War

    The very first modern war between kaiju and humanity
  • The First Godzilla Incident

    The First Godzilla Incident
    In the waters around Japan the first true Dai-Kaiju Godzilla appears destroying ships and attacking Odo Island and destroying Toyko. Unable to be harmed by conventional weapons the newly created super weapon the oxygen destroyer is used to kill it at the cost of Dr. Daisuke Serizawa how destroyed all data on the oxygen destroyer shortly before his death
  • Monarch Founded

    Monarch Founded
    President Eisenhower authorizes the creation of Monarch to study Kaiju for the United States lead by Lawton survivor Bill Randa
  • Monarchs first operation

    Monarchs first operation
    Shortly after Monarachs creation Bill Randa and Japanese military observer are sent to Mew Mexico to handle an out break of giant ants
  • Godzilla Anguirus and Kong Osaka Incident

    Godzilla Anguirus and Kong Osaka Incident
    On a small island in the Sea of Japan a seconded Godzilla (Showa) is witnessed battling a new Dai-Kaiju Anguirus and later on a different island the same Godzilla is witnessed battling an Adult Titanus Kong (Kong One Eye), the three way battle eventually reaches Osaka where the Japanese and Monarch witness Anguirus defeat his foes before all monsters return to the sea, with the JSDF able to track Showa and trap him in ice at sea
  • Ōdako San Francisco Incident

    Ōdako San Francisco Incident
    An Ōdako (Giant Octopus Kaiju) attacks San Francisco and is killed by the US navy
  • Period: to

    Reign of Godzilla (Showa)

    The years the Godzilla known as Showa was active
  • the 1st Rodan Incident

    the 1st Rodan Incident
    In the mines of Mt. Aso mining lead to the discovery of swarms of ancient insects known as Meganulon, and attempts to destroy the lead to the awakening of two giant Dai-Kaiju Pteranodons named Rodan who proceed to terrorized the world and destroy the city of Fukuoka before being the JSDF destroys them by using an erupting Mt Aso
  • 1st Kumonga Incident

    1st Kumonga Incident
    The 1st Kumonga attacks New Mexico and is kill by the US military
  • The Ymir Incident

    The Ymir Incident
    The first ever alien monster Ymir crashes on Earth from Venus and Rampages Across Italy before being killed by the Italian Military in Rome
  • The La Caragne Incident

    The La Caragne Incident
    Another monster from Venus La Carcagne terrorizes the skies of the US before being destroyed by the US Airforce
  • 1st Kamacuras Incident

    1st Kamacuras Incident
    The first Kamacuras rampages across the US before being killed by the US military in Washington DC
  • The Nancy Archer Incident

    The Nancy Archer Incident
    Nancy Archer is mutated by space radiation and goes on a rampage across California before she is killed by Police
  • 2nd New Mexico Giant Ant incident

    2nd New Mexico Giant Ant incident
    Giant ants once again attack New Mexico and once again are destroyed by Monarch and the US army
  • Varan Incident

    Varan Incident
    The 1st Varan appears near Iwaya Village and goes on a rampaged that ends when a Monarch member aid the JSDF in killing it during its Attack on Toyko
  • Foetodon Incident

    Foetodon Incident
    Foetodon a giant glia monster kaiju attacks Texas and is killed by Monarch
  • The Mysterian Invasion

    The Mysterian Invasion
    The very first Alien invasion of Earth happened when the Mysterians ,survivors of a doomed planet tried to take over Earth using their UFOs and the first ever Mecha Moguera in vast numbers against the nation of Earth. They are driven from the earth after the UN uses the first ever human energy weapon the Markalite Cannon to destroy their Mogueras and base at mount Fuji then are then defeated completely when the UN destroys their moon base and their Orbital satellite flees
  • Area 51 Nuclear Mutations

    Area 51 Nuclear Mutations
    Undergrounds Nuclear test at Groom Lake create the giant mutations Desert Rat, Desert, Lizard, Thorny Devil and Giant Armadillo, which are captured by the US military for study and are contained at the newly created area 51
  • London Kong Incident

    London Kong Incident
    A mad British scientist uses the remains of the first Kong to create a ne Kong that rampages through London before being killed by the British military
  • Reptilicus Incident

    Reptilicus Incident
    Reptilicus is discovered in Denmark and after being brought to the Copenhagen aquarium before it breaks out rampages across Europe before returning to Copenhagen where it is killed by the Danish Military
  • Gorgo Incident

    Gorgo Incident
    A baby Gorgo is caught off the coast of Britton before being brought to London after which a full grown mother Gorgo (Orga) rampages through London freeing the baby before they both return to the sea
  • 1st Infant Island Expedition/ Mothra Incident

    1st Infant Island Expedition/ Mothra Incident
    A Japanese Rolisican joint expedition Infant island of the Monsterland island finds a tribe living on the island led by the tiny physic twins know as the Shobijin, the Rolisicans kidnap the Shobijin causing the 1st Mothra to follow them to Tokyo to save the Shobijin, Rolisican atomic heat cannons cause it to metamorphize into its imago form, the now mature Mothra flies to New Kirk and attacks the Rolisican capital until the Shobijin were returned after which it peacefully left
  • Period: to


    Height of the First Kaiju War
  • Maguma Antarctica Incident

    Maguma Antarctica Incident
    The Dai-Kaiju Maguma attack a UN base in Antarctica before it is killed by Monarach
  • 1st Faro Island Expedition/Godzilla Kong Incident

    1st Faro Island Expedition/Godzilla Kong Incident
    A Japanese expedition to Faro island Discovers the first Faro Island Kong who battles and drives off another Ōdako at the same time a US nuclear Submarine accidently awakens Showa from the iceberg he was frozen in causing him rampage across Japan, Faro Island Kong is then brought to Japan where he battles Showa across the nation until Showa is driven off during their battle at Osaka Faro Kong then returns to Faro Island
  • Matango Incident

    Matango Incident
    Shipwreck survivors discover infectious fungus that turns humans into the mutant mushroom men (Matango) on an island in the Monsterland island chain
  • The Mu Invasion

    The Mu Invasion
    The Lost Kingdom of Mu reappears from the sea and suing their fleet of death ray subs and the Dai Kaiju Manda try to take over the world only to be defeated by the flying submarine Atragon and its crew
  • Dogora Incident

    Dogora Incident
    The Alien Kaiju Dogora appears and threatens to consume the worlds coal and diamond but is killed by the UN and Monarch using a spray made out of wasp venom
  • Godzilla Mothra Incident

    Godzilla Mothra Incident
    Mothra egg washes up in Japan and the Shobijin try to get it back to no avail at the same time Showa returns to Japan and rampages across the nation in response a Japanese expedition to Infant island is launched to ask for the help of Mothra, Mothra near death attempts to defeat Showa but dies, as Showa continues its rampage the Mothra egg hatches and two new Mothra larva are born they then fight Showa on a remote is land and drive him out of Japan
  • Godzilla Rodan Mothra and King Ghidorah Incident

    Godzilla Rodan Mothra and King Ghidorah Incident
    Showa a 3rd Rodan and one of the two Mothra Larva battle and drive off the powerful space monster King Ghidorah
  • Gamrea First Appears

    Gamrea First Appears
    The Mighty Monster Gamera awakens from hibernation after a nuclear bomb drops in the artic Gamera then rampages across Japan before being lured in a rocket and shot into space
  • Frankenstein Baragon Incident

    Frankenstein Baragon Incident
    Frankenstien created by the the atomic bombing of Hiroshima fight the awaken Dinosaur Baragon in the Japanese countryside before Frankenstien kills Baragon but is killed by a fissure Baragon had created
  • Xilien Invasion

    Xilien Invasion
    Through an elaborate ruse the Xiliens take control of Showa and Rodan and along with there monster King Ghidorah attempt to take over the Earth but are stopped when the JSDF and Monarch use electric jamming tank to free Showa and Rodan who defeat the Xiliens and King Ghidorah
  • Period: to

    Reign of the 1st Gamera

    Active years of the first Gamera
  • Ultraman Arives/Science Patrol is Founded

    Ultraman Arives/Science Patrol is Founded
    The alien hero Ultraman arrives on Earth to battle Kaiju and aliens to protect humanity and the Science Patrol is created to aid him
  • Gamera Barugon Incident

    Gamera Barugon Incident
    Japanese explores accidently cause the monster Barugon to hatch who then rampages across Japan Gamera escapes the rocket he was trapped on aid humanity in destroying Barugon drowning him in a lake
  • The Red Bamboo Incident

    The Red Bamboo Incident
    The action of the terrorist group the Red Bamboo cause Showa to battle and defeat the 1st Ebirah and the 1st giant condor before destroying the Red Bamboo
  • Gaira and Sanda Incident

    Gaira and Sanda Incident
    Two kaiju brother who were created from the remains of Frankenstien, the man-eating Gaira and the peaceful Sanda battle across Japan, the first use of Maser technology was used on these monster who both died in a volcanic fissure
  • Period: to

    Ultraman Active

    Ultraman and other Ultras arrive on earth to protect humanity and battle hundreds of kaiju but the specifics were lost when 2nd impact destroyed the Science patrols Records
  • Gamera Gayos Incident

    Gamera Gayos Incident
    Gayos awakens in Japan and terrorizes the nation until it is killed by Gamera in Tokyo
  • Guilala Incident

    Guilala Incident
    Spores carried back to Earth from a Japanese rocket become the monster Guilala who rampages across Tokyo until the JSDF uses the substance Guilalanium to revert it back to a spore and launch it into orbit around the sun
  • Gappa Incident

    Gappa Incident
    A baby Gappa is stolen from Obelisk Island and brought to Japan causing the two adult parent to attack Tokyo until the baby is returned and the three Gappa then leave Japan
  • The Mechani-Kong Incident/Mondo Island Expedition

    The Mechani-Kong Incident/Mondo Island Expedition
    The Mad Scientist Dr. Who build the first human made Mecha Mechani-Kong to mine Element X for the nation of Rolisica but it fails, at the same time a joint Monarach UN Expedition to Modo Island in the Monsterland chain discovers the 1st Gorosaurus and the 1st Giant Sea Serpent who are both defeated by Faro Kong, later Dr. Who Kidnaps Faro Kong to mine Element X but Kong escapes to Tokyo who then battles and destroys Mechani-Kong and kills Dr. Who before returning to sea
  • Yongary Incident

    Yongary Incident
    Yongary rampages across South Korea before being killed by the South Korean military using air dropped ammonia powder
  • Godzilla Settles Monster Island

    Godzilla Settles Monster Island
    Showa and a baby Godzilla (Minilla) settle on Monster Island in the Monsterland chain after the two defeat three new Kamacuras and one new Kumonga the Island also briefly freezes over
  • Virasian Invasion

    Virasian Invasion
    The alien Virasians attempt to invade Earth but are stopped by Gamera when he Defeats them after they form the giant kaiju Viras by combining
  • The Malic Incdent

    The Malic Incdent
    Mad scientist Malic created an army of monsters to take over the world including Batmen a 3rd giant Condor giant rats and a Griffon using the brain of the pirate Kroiga but was stopped before he could wage war by the UN and his own creations
  • The Gurion Incident

    The Gurion Incident
    Alien Terrans kidnaped two children and took them to the planet Terra where the Terrans monster Gurion killed the 1st known Space Gayos, Gamera then went to the planet and fought and defeated Gurion then returned to Earth with the kidnaped children
  • Monster Island Mass Migration

    Monster Island Mass Migration
    Rodan, Anguirus, a Mothra Larva, a 2nd Condor, 2nd Ebirah, 3rd Kumonga, more Kamacuras, a 2nd Gorosaurus, 2nd Baragon, 2nd Varan and Gabara all migrate to Showas monster island
  • The Space Amoeba Incident

    The Space Amoeba Incident
    Intelligent alien spaces Amoeba creates two Ganimes, and one Gezora and Kamoebas to take over Earth but they all are killed before the invasion can begin
  • Gamera Jiger Incident

    Gamera Jiger Incident
    Jiger is accidently summoned at the the Japanese hosted worlds fair and proceeds to rampage across japan before it is defeated in battle by Gamrea
  • Period: to


    End of the 1st Kaiju War
  • Gamera Zigra Incident

    Gamera Zigra Incident
    the space monster Zigra crashes on Earth and after a few battles with Gamera
  • Godzilla Hedorah Incident

    Godzilla Hedorah Incident
    Space monster Hedorah arrives on Earth attracted by the pollution causing mass pollution and death across Japan before Showa Fights and defeats it
  • Daigoro Goliath Incident

    Daigoro Goliath Incident
    An adult Daigoro attack Tokyo and is killed by the JSDF at the same time a space monster Goliath comes to Earth and begins attacking Japan forcing the surviving baby Daigoro to fight it and with the help of the JSDF Daigoro defeats Goliath and leave Japan
  • M Space Hunter Nebula Alien Invasion

    M Space Hunter Nebula Alien Invasion
    M Space Hunter Nebula Aliens attempted to kill Showa and Anguirus with there alien Cyborg Gigan and the monster King Ghidorah but both monsters were defeated and force to flee after a fierce battle
  • 1st Successful Northern Skull Island Expedition/ Sky Devils terrorist group founded

    1st Successful Northern Skull Island Expedition/ Sky Devils terrorist group founded
    Landsat Monarach and US military expedition was the first expedition the make it on and off Skull Island North albeit with heavy causalities discovering the Kong(Kong) various new minor kaiju and the Skull Crawlers the experience lead Colonel Packard to create the Sky devils anti kaiju group
  • Zone Fighter Arrives on Earth

    Zone Fighter Arrives on Earth
    The alien hero Zone Fighter arrives on earth to stop the alien Garogas plan to take over Earth. While most record of Zone Fighters battles were lost due to second impact it is know that over the course of the year he fought and defeated multiple monsters including Gigan and King Ghidorah and was an ally of Showa. In the same year he arrived Zone Fight would leave Earth.
  • Seatopian Invasion

    Seatopian Invasion
    The Seatopians angered by underground nuclear testing attacked the surface using their monster Megalon and attempted to take control of the size changing robot Jet Jaguar invented by Goro Ibuki. The failed to take control of the robot and Megalon with the help of Gigan then fought Jet Jaguar and Showa but were both defeated
  • 1st Black Hole Planet 3 Alien Invasion

    1st Black Hole Planet 3 Alien Invasion
    Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens, aliens from a doomed planet attempt to take over the Earth using the first ever Mechagodzilla, it manages to defeat the Kaiju Anguirus but is eventually defeated by Showa and the guardian Kaiju King Caesar
  • 2nd Black Hole Planet 3 Alien Invasion

    2nd Black Hole Planet 3 Alien Invasion
    The 2nd attempt by the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens to attempt to take over the Earth using a new Mechagodzilla, this time with the help of Dr. Shinzo Mafune and his monster Titanosaurus, causing massive damage to Tokyo before being defeated by Showa
  • South Korea Kong Incident

    South Korea Kong Incident
    Southren Kong is captured in the Monsterland chain while being transported it escapes battles the long thought extinct Megladon shark and then swims to South Korea and battles a giant snake before being kill by the joint efforts of the South Korean Military, US military, and Monarch
  • Petrox Oil CO. Monsterland Expedition/ Monsterland Travel Ban

    Petrox Oil CO. Monsterland Expedition/ Monsterland Travel Ban
    Petrox Oil Corporation launch a expedition of the outer islands of the Monsterland chain in search of oil instead the captured a juvenile Sothern Kong to use as an advertising gimmick, the Kong escaped into New York and during a battle on the twin Towers with the US army, was rendered comatose and transferred to the care of Monarch as their first contained kaiju. Due to the multiple Kong events the UN banned all unofficial travel to the Monsterland chain
  • Monsterland Containment Plan

    Monsterland Containment Plan
    With the large number of Kaiju in the Monsterland chain the UN along with the Soviet Union and Monarach created the Monsterland Containment Plan to contain the kaiju in the island chain to prevent their interference with with humanity ever gain. The system was to use using a network of invisible fences, advanced radar, close monitoring and various other means to keep Kaiju in and humans out. Work began near the end of the year
  • 1st Hollow Earth Expedition

    1st Hollow Earth Expedition
    While searching for oil in the artic, Thrust Industries submersible drilling vehicle the, Polar-Borer accidently stumbled upon a close to the surface pocket of the Hollow Earth a long thought false theory of a 2nd so to speak Earth under the ground. Upon hearing this Thrust Industries orders and expedition to investigate the area so the CEO may hunt the kaiju. Many kaiju and dinosaurs are found including a Dai-Kaiju Tyrannosaurs and the expedition barley escapes with their lives
  • Hong Kong King Kong Incident

    Hong Kong King Kong Incident
    A new subspecies of Kong is discovered in the Himalayas dubbed Peking Kong by explorers and Utam Goliathon by the locals the Kong begins a rampage across the mountains before ending up in Hong Kong before being killed by the Chinese PLA and British Military
  • Ultras Depart Earth

    Ultras Depart Earth
    After a brutal battle with the space monster Zetton all the Ultras Depart the Earth
  • Gamera Leaves Earth

    Gamera Leaves Earth
    After seven year inactive Gamera suddenly leaves Earth for unknown reasons
  • Monsterland Containment Network completed

    Monsterland Containment Network completed
    The Monsterland Containment plan is completed a few years ahead of schedule containing the Kaiju in the Monsterland Chain
  • Kilaaks Invasion End of the 1st Kaiju war

     Kilaaks Invasion End of the 1st Kaiju war
    The Kilaaks seize control of the Monsterland chain the Monarch personal and all monsters there before unleashing them all across the Earth, all nations unite to battle the Kilaaks and their monsters managing to to free the Kaiju from the Kilaaks control in a last ditch effort King Ghidorah is sent to fight the monsters but is defeated after which the remaining Kilaaks flee and the Monsterland kaiju either disappear or go into hibernation
  • New York Q Incident

    New York Q Incident
    A small Kaiju nicknamed Q terrorizes New York from its nest in the Chrysler building devouring people until it is tracked down and killed by police
  • Period: to


    The start of the second Kaiju War
  • Showa Returns 2nd Kaiju War Begins

    Showa Returns 2nd Kaiju War Begins
    The 2nd kaiju war began with the dormant Showa returning larger more powerful and more aggressive then before, destroying a soviet nuclear submarine and almost triggering war between the Soviet Union an US. War was averted with the Japanese government convincing the US and Soviets to aid Japan in defeating Showa, using the Ariel Battle ship the Super X Showa is nearly killed but is revived by a misfired nuke, with no other options left Showa is lured to Mount Mihara and trap him in the volcano
  • G-cells First Recovered

    G-cells First Recovered
    Saradian and Japanese Forces Recover G-cells after the battle with Showa
  • Period: to

    2nd Kaiju War

    The 2nd Kaiju war that began with the return of Showa in 1984 and ended with the death of Showa the 2nd Gamera and Mothra Leo and the complete destruction of Tokyo in 1999
  • G-Force is Founded

    G-Force is Founded
    United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center (U.N.G.C.C.). or G-Force is founded to deal with Godzilla
  • 1st Monarch Containment Breach

    1st Monarch Containment Breach
    Kong captured by Monarch and kept in a comma since 1976 was dyeing in order to save his life Monarch created a massive artificial kaiju heart and captured a female Kong for blood transfusions ,for an open heart surgery, after the surgery both Kong's awoke and escaped rampaging across the US with the female Kong being impregnated. on the eve of the baby Kong's birth the US army tracked the Kong's and during the battle the male Kong was killed while the female and baby escaped
  • 1st Definitive Research on Godzilla/Saradian G-Cell Bombing

    1st Definitive Research on Godzilla/Saradian G-Cell Bombing
    The 1st Definitive research on Godzilla is finished and the true power of G-cells comes to light. At the Same time a bombing of a Saradia lab destroys their G-Cells
  • Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria Created

    Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria Created
    Using G-Cells the powerful Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria ANEB is created capable of completely neutralizing any nuclear power
  • Super X 2 Built

    Super X 2 Built
    Built from the Remains of the Super X 1 to specifically combat Showa
  • Bio-Major Saradian Incident

    Bio-Major Saradian Incident
  • Period: to


    The height and end of the 2nd Kaiju war