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  • Campus Medicine - College ERP Software Solutions

    CAMPUS MEDICINE is especially designed
    (Medical Campus Management Solutions) for Medical campuses worldwide. Campus medicine-I version has been custom designed for the specific requirements of Medical Colleges in the Indian subcontinent. CAMPUS MEDICINE manages all complex day to day workflows of Medical institutions know more
  • University Management Software - Campus Medicine

    Services provided by campus medicine software are Implementation, customization, integration and maintenance of ERP. Campus Medicine also offers training, hand- holding and recruitment for maintaining university management softwareRead More
  • Fees Management Software - Campus Medicine

    Fees Management software is one of the module in Campus Medicine. This covers the complete information of the fees management like Setting Fee Master, Setting up Seat Master, Fee Categories, Scholarship Master, Fees Collection, One time/ Installments Payment, Concessions, Hostel Fees, Transport Fees, etc.Read More
  • Management Information System Software– Campus Medicine

    Campus medicine provides campus management system software and it is useful for all your future online campus management databases. Read More
  • Student Experience Is What Matters For An Institution To Grow - Campus Medicine

    Studies have revealed that ERP systems have a drastic impact on the academic performance because academic ERP’s provide insights into individual performance helping teachers device customized solutions based on analytics of individuals that too accurately and try to eliminate the success barriers of students Read More