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  • Prosthodontics Day - Dental Colleges in Bangalore

    Jan 22nd,2019 observed as the Prosthodontists day, a proud day for prosthodontists all around the globe. The department of prosthodontics of Rajarajeswari dental college, Bangalore, observed the same with immense enthusiasm. Read More
  • Dystonia – All You Need to Know About This Common and Complex Condition

    Though not a very common condition in India, it is the third most common condition in the USA behind Parkinson’s disease and tremor. Around 2.5 lac people there are known to be suffering from this condition. As far as the age group for this condition is concerned, there is none and can affect anyone from a child to old people irrespective of races, religion or ethnicities. know more
  • E-Cigarettes - How Are Lungs Affected

    A Harvard study says that the chemicals that are commonly used to in flavoring e cigarettes may damage our lungs in a way that its ability to fight the dust, dirt and other allergens can be put to risk, thereby increasing risk of diseases like asthma.Read More
  • The Weight Loss Plan That Has Taken Maharashtra by Storm

    The Diet plan of Dr. Dixit, a professor at the preventive departments of social medicine at the Government medical college and hospital believes that accepting that you are overweight and that you need a diet correction which includes shunning away tempting food and controlling diet in order to keep your diabetes at bay.Read More
  • Women’s Day Celebration 2019 - RRMCH Bangalore

    International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on 8 March every year in honour of their remarkable contribution to our society.
    Rajarajeswari Group of Institution is also celebrating the “International Women’s Day” by conducting Inter Collegiate Sports “RRGI’s WOMENS PREMIER LEAGE – WPL” Bangalore Zone Women’s Sports Tournament.Know More
  • All You Need To Know About Plantar Fasciitis - RRMCH

    One of the most common causes leading to heel pain is plantar. Plantar causes the thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to your toes and runs through the foot bottom to swell. Read More
  • Best Eye Hospitals in Bangalore - LASIK

    It's one of the best ophthalmology/eye hospitals in Bangalore for LASIK operations, Dr Vijay Kumar Srivastava eye specialist in bangaloreread more
  • Physiotherapy Colleges in Bangalore - Dept of Physiotherapy

    Look into the best physiotherapy colleges in bangalore, Dept of physiotherapy was estd in 2003 at RRMCH to cater to the preventive, creative, more
  • Medical College Admissions 2019 - 2020

    MBBS Admissions 2019-20, to Top Medical Colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka. NRI & Management Quota Admissions. Direct MBBS, MS, MD Admissions for Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore Read More
  • Dental College Admissions 2019 – Your Checklist To Choose The Best Suit For You

    The field of dentistry is already booming in India and globalization has opened doors to endless opportunities in dentistry across the globe. A five year course including mandatory internship, after which you may go for higher education as in masters in Indiaread more
  • Risk of Breast Cancer in Trans Women Post Hormone Therapy Escalates To Over 45 Times

    A Study has found that trans-women undergoing the gender change procedures increase their risk of getting breast cancer by over 46% as compared to men. The study was carried out on over 2000 trans-women and it was found that after undergoing the sex change procedures 1 in 200 came under the risk scanner of breast cancer as compared to less than 8000 in men.Read More
  • Lymphoma – A Cancer Of The Infection Fighting Cells

    Lymphoma is the cancer of lymphocytes, the infection fighting cells of the immune system. In this condition, the lymphocytes start growing out of control. The lymphocytes are present in the spleen, bone marrow, lymph nodes and other parts of the body.Read More
  • 5 Side Effect Sleep Deprivation You Need To Know

    Many a times we do care for our health and fitness but our concentration is towards nutrition and exercise mostly. What we often tend to ignore is sleep. Today lifestyle is sedentary but very hectic and stressful and sleep often takes the back seat. Furthermore, if you have addictions then sleep deprivation is going to haunt you more. Read More
  • Thumsucking And Pacifier – How It Affects The Teeth Of Infants And Children

    A natural reflex in infants and growing toddlers, thumb sucking or pacifying themselves with objects is very common. The reason cited around the same is that the little ones feel happy and secure as well. Apparently, it helps them know the world better and many times it helps to soothe themselves and fall asleep.Read More
  • Monsoon And Child Health Issues - RRMCH Bangalore

    Coming to the flip side Monsoon does bring along health hazards in form of illness like Dengue, Jaundice, Cholera, Malaria, thypoid, Gastro-intestinal infections, hepatitis A.
  • Quackery In Dentistry - Dental Colleges in Bangalore

    Quackery has been in practice in the dental ecosystem for a long time now. A simple reason behind the same being the demand is more than supply, viz. there is a scarcity of qualified dental professionals. The domino effect, gullible people falling to the dupes of quacks, who provide dental treatment apparently backfires.Read More
  • 5 Best Mental Health Apps - Medical Institutes in Bangalore

    With the growing number of mobile phones across the world and also in India and ever increasing use of applications, it’s no wonder if you find an app to resolve any of you problems related to house management, health management, diet management and more. Today with the hectic work schedules and high stress levels associated with work, mental health issues are also increasing day by day.Read More
  • Diverticulitis – Know More About The Stomach Condition

    A common condition of stomach that, many people are unaware of diverticulitis. It affects the large intestine or colon and occurs when the mucosa membrane forms small pouches bulging inside the gastrointestinal tract pushes out via a weak muscle know more
  • RRMC IIC - Medical College Bangalore

    RajaRajeswari Medical college Institutional Innovation Committee (RRMC IIC) had organized a talk on Design thinking methodology - Problem discovery in health care sector
  • Alumni Meet 2020 - Rajarajeswari Dental College in Bangalore

    Alumni of 1992 to 1996 were felicitated during Alumni meet 2020 held on 25.01.2020. 70 Alumni belonging to the 1992 to 1996 batches attended. The meeting started with Registration, Breakfast followed by College Tour. Later the formal meeting was presided over by the Chairman Dr. A. C. Shanmugam. Teachers of 1992 -96 were felicitated by the Alumni as well as by the College. read more
  • Airborn Infection Control (AIC) & TST - Medical College CME Workshop

    TB is the top ten causes of death worldwide. It is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) which is spread through air droplets generated by coughing, talking etcRead More
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy - Application in Medical Sciences

    The departments of Pathology and Central Research Lab have conducted a CME on 06-03-2020. On this occasion Guest Lecture was delivered by Dr.Chandrasekhar Sagar B.K, Prof. of Neuropathology, NIMHANS on “Transmission Electron Microscopy and its application in Medical Sciences”.read more