Marlene Dietrich by Lorenzo Ossino

  • Its birth

    she was born in Shoneberg, in Gemany. Her father was an Prussian official military, and her mum was an daughter of jeweler
  • Her Study

    Her Study
    she started her study in an important school ,in Germany. She was study lenguages and a strument, but for her injury she was retire of her struments study
  • She started her actors career

    She started her actors career
    She started her carrer with a films ,and she was got important success for the her enormus talent.
  • His Private story

    His Private story
    She has has different love, for actor and scriptors, but she was married only once with an American productor , Rudolf Sieber.
  • America, the turn for her career and life

    America, the turn for her career and life
    Her frst and continued success was in America. His an great turn for his life and career ,at the end she became un American citizens.
  • she in WW2

    she in WW2
    She durant the second world war, she was an American part. She walked whit American army ,and was contrary of a German politicy, while she devent an American citizen
  • Her dead

  • Period: to

    Her biography

    She was an telentuos women, very beutiful . His is remembered for his great carrer, beutiful, and for the strong attachment during second world war for America and his Army, and for her autenticy for her films. Indeed she won different acknowledgments for example a Presidential medal of freedom