Major points in my life

By hkaib
  • Birth

    This date marks the birth of Harrison B. Kaib
  • Moving

    I moved to Oklahoma on this date due to my fathers job
  • Moving yet again

    after a few years living in Oklahoma, my fathers plant got bought out by a major business. The backlash from that forced us to move back up to Ohio
  • Finishing highschool

    finishing highschool will be a proud moment for me because, i will be entering the real world
  • College

    starting school at the college of my choice will be a big step in my life. i will be hoping to major in law or political science
  • finishing a 4 year college

    finishing up college at the school im attending
  • Getting a job

    getting a job that suits what i major in
  • bachelor pad

    after my first couple pay checks i hopefully will be able to rent my own apartment to live in on my own
  • bills

    around this time since renting my own apartment, i will pretty soon have to pay bills, the budget i probably created in the past or recently will help me pay my bills and pay off some student loans
  • Wife

    Age 26 about now and i finally found the girl of my dreams
  • New job

    i have been interviewed for a new job in my field and the pay is good. i can now pay more of my student loans off
  • wedding

    after a few years of planning and budgeting, the wedding of my dreams is on this date
  • house

    age 31 and i am ready to buy my own house for my wife and i
  • bills

    i will be paying off my house, bills, and more student loans. while my wife and i think about having children
  • kids

    age 36 having my first kid.
  • payments

    finally payed off all the house payments
  • loans

    age 40 and almost done paying off student loans
  • payments

    age 43 and done paying off my student loans, also still paying for my kids stuff
  • life

    thinking about a good life ive been having, never having a late bill payment or having to cut back on things