Major Events In America 1700-1800

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  • Calendar change

    Britain and all her colonies switch from the Julian, to the Gregorian calendar.
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    7 Years War

    The Seven Years War (French-Indian War), was a global conflict between Britain and France. Particularly in America, where British and some Americans fought the French who allied with the Native Americans. The British became victorious which resulted in lost French territories. The biggest being modern day Canada
  • Stamp Act

    The British Empire, in order to replace debt to in the 7 Years War, placed a tax on stamps on many common goods exported to America. This was the first of many taxes placed on the American Colonies that contributed greatly to the American Revolution.
  • Boston Massacre

    British troops stationed in Boston, protecting taxed money, opened fire on protesters which resulted in 5 deaths.
  • Boston Tea Party

    A Group known as the "Sons of Liberty" disguised as Native Americans, secretly went onboard a ship filled with tea which recently became taxed. The men preceded to dump hundreds of crates of tea in protest from the Boston Massacre.
  • First Continental Congress

    56 delegates from each colony except Georgia, met in Philadelphia to organize colonial resistance against the British Empire.
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    American Revolutionary War

    The tensions between the British Empire and her 13 colonies finally broke. The war officially began after hundreds of British troops stormed Boston to seize a arms cache in Lexington which resulted in local milita opening fire against the British. After a deceive battle at Yorktown, Virginia, the Americans won their independence from Britain.
  • Declaration of Independence

    The 13 colonies meet in Philadelphia to sign the Declaration of Independence. This states that the 13 colonies deserve to be free from the rule of the British Empire.