Mahatma Gandhi

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  • Birthday

    Gandhi was born on October 2nd, 1869
  • Marriage

    At 13 years old, Gandhi got married to 14 year old Kasturbai Makhanji Kapadia. This happened in May of 1883.
  • Return to India

    Return to India
    July of 1891 he returned to India after living in London to study law. He was snubbed by the other students because he was Indian and returned to India.
  • South Africa

    South Africa
    After not succeeding in Bombay he went to South Africa In 1893. He then became the first “colored” lawyer admitted to Supreme Court.
  • Natal Indian Congress

    Natal Indian Congress
    On August 22nd 1894, Gandhi founded the Natal Indian Congress. His goal was to agitate for Indian rights.
  • Serving the South African Government

    Serving the South African Government
    1899 Gandhi served in the South African Government and raised an ambulance corps. This was during the Boer War.
  • The Beginning of a Peaceful Revolution

    The Beginning of a Peaceful Revolution
    In late 1906, Gandhi declared he would go to jail or die before obeying any anti-Asian law. This made thousands of Indiana join his civil disobedience campaign, which imprisoned him twice.
  • Ambulance Corps

    Ambulance Corps
    Before he would go home to India in 1914, he organize an ambulance corps for the British. This was during World War I.
  • Indian National Congress political party

    Indian National Congress political party
    Gandhi became the leader of the Indian National Congress in the year 1919.
  • Imprisonment

    One of the few jail times he has had to serve was the result of a noncooperation campaign against Britain in 1920. His goal was to urge Indiana to spin their own cotton and boycott British goods. His jail time lasted from March 10th, 1922 to 1924.
  • The Salt March

    The Salt March
    From March 12th to April 6th of 1930, Gandhi and thousands of other Indians marched 200 miles to get their salt against the British. This imprisoned him again.
  • Independence Won

    Independence Won
    In 1947, a year before the assassination, India won its independence.
  • Day of Death

    Day of Death
    Gandhi died on January 30th, 1948. He was assassinated in the compound of Birla House.