Lord of the Flies Devolution

  • Chapter1

    A group of British school boys crash in an island.They still wear their uniforms and walk in straight lines.They are the picture of civilized young men. “Their bodies from throat to ankle were hidden by black cloaks.
  • Chapter2

    Ralph makes rules for the islandKid with the birth mark dies.
  • Chapter3

    The tribe becomes obsessed with killing a pig.
  • Chapter4

    The group of boys have an argument Jack hits piggy in the face and breaks his glasses.
  • Chapter5

    Ralph wants to make order on the island and be civilized but no one listens to him.
  • Chapter6

    Sam and Eric see an object falling from the sky thinking thats its the beast.They go and worn everyone and the group freaks out.
  • Chapter7

    The Hunters play a game in which they put someone in the middle and they act like that the person was a pig.It got out of hand and they tried to kill the person.
  • Chapter8

    Jack separated from the group and some of the little kids followed him.
  • Chapter9

    Everybody plays a game that involved some one being in the middle and Simon tried to worn them about the Lord of the Flies andthey kill Simon.
  • Chapter10

    Jacks group have turned more savage by stealing piggys glasses and destroy the shelters.
  • Chapter11

    Roger throws a big rock down the mountain and knocks out Piggy into the rocks shatters the conch and Piggy dies in the rocks.
  • Chapter12

    Jack and the savages decide to kill Ralph.So they search for him then the savages decide to set the island on fire.On the shore of the beach a man was waiting for the boys he was in a military uniform who is going to rescue him.