Kyndal Mellady(Period 2); Fetal Development Timeline

  • Ovulation

    It is halfway in between her menstrual cycles and an egg is being released from her ovary.
  • Conception

    An ovary releases an egg and the egg travels down the Fallopian tube and meets with a sperm cell. The sperm cell fertilizes the egg and the egg begins dividing into more cells.
  • 4 weeks/ 1st trimester

    4 weeks/ 1st trimester
    Size: 0.04 inches Weight: 0.2 ounces
    Features: The rapidly dividing ball of cells begins to burrow into the uterine lining. The inner group of cells will become the embryo and the outer layer will rise to part of the placenta.
  • 8 weeks/1st trimester

    8 weeks/1st trimester
    Size: 0.6 inches Weight: 0.5 ounces
    Features: The lower limb buds take the shape of paddles, fingers have begun to form, small swellings outlining the future shell-shakes parts of the baby’s ears develop, the eyes have become obvious, the upper lip and nose have formed, and the trunk and neck begin to straighten.
  • 12 weeks/first trimester

    12 weeks/first trimester
    Size: 2.13 inches Weight: 2.05 ounces
    Features: The baby is sprouting fingernails, the baby’s face has taken a more developed profile, and his or her intestines are in the abdomen.
  • 16 weeks/ 2nd trimester

    16 weeks/ 2nd trimester
    Size: 7.32 inches Weight: 5.15 ounces
    Features: The baby’s head is erect, the ears and eyes can slowly move, the skin is getting thicker, their limb movements are becoming more coordinated and can be detected during ultrasound exams.
  • 20 weeks/2nd trimester

    20 weeks/2nd trimester
    Size: 10.12 inches Weight: 11.68 ounces
    Features: The baby’s movements are quickening, they are regularly sleeping and waking, and may be awakened by noises or your movements.
  • 24 weeks/2nd trimester

    24 weeks/2nd trimester
    Size: 12.68 inches Weight: 1.32 pounds
    Features: The baby’s skin is wrinkled, translucent, and pink to red because of visible blood in the capillaries.
  • 28 weeks/3rd trimester

    28 weeks/3rd trimester
    Size: 14.80 inches Weight: 2.22 pounds
    Features: The baby’s eyelids can partially open and eyelashes have formed and the central nervous system can direct rhythmic breathing movements and control body temperature.
  • 32 weeks/3rd trimester

    32 weeks/3rd trimester
    Size: 16.93 inches Weight: 3.75 pounds
    Features: The hair that covered the baby’s skin for the last few months starts to fall off this week.
  • 36 weeks/3rd trimester

    36 weeks/3rd trimester
    Size: 18.62 inches Weight: 5.78 pounds
    Features: The baby gets bigger and the makes it harder for them to punch and kick, but the mother will still feel lots of stretches, rolls and wiggles.
  • 40 weeks/3rd trimester

    40 weeks/3rd trimester
    Size: 20.08 inches Weight: 7.63 pounds
    Features: The baby is pretty much fully developed and will come out anytime soon.
  • Birth

    Size: 21 inches Weight: 8.01 poundsI
    Features: The baby will have a soft spot where the bones haven’t formed all the way yet and may have some of the hair that was on their body in the womb.