Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

Timeline created by Shaina Lubarsky
  • Amir and Hassan Win The Kite Tournament and Hassan is Raped

    Amir and Hassan Win The Kite Tournament and Hassan is Raped
    In the Winter of 1975, Hassan and Amir participate in a kite running competition, "an old winter tradition in Afghanistan"(51). Amir wins the competition, and Hassan runs off to fetch the kite. As he goes to find it, he encounters the local tyrant, Assef, who proceeds to rape him. Amir watches the rape, yet is too cowardly to step in and stop it from occurring. "an old winter tradition in Afghanistan"(51).
  • Khan Proposes A New Constitution and Fights Back to His Opponents

    Khan Proposes A New Constitution and Fights Back to His Opponents
    Daoud Khan, the Prime Minister of Afghanistan, "proposes a new constitution that grants women rights, and modernize[s] the [predominantly] communist state." After this, he makes a plan to strip his opponents of power by "forcing many suspected of not supporting [him], out of government."
  • Ali and Hassan Quit Working for Baba and Amir

    Shortly after Hassan's rape, Amir begins to feel overwashed with guilt, since he was a bystander to the incident. Amir believes that the only way to rid his guilt, is for Hassan to leave. Amir strategizes a plan to get Hassan and Ali fired. Hassan and Ali takes the blame for Amir's setup, and Baba manages to forgive them. however, Ali and Hassan decide to quit anyway, as "Life here is impossible for [them] now" (Hosseini 106).
  • Amir and Baba Flea To America

    In March of 1981, Amir and Baba flea their home country of Afghanistan, to escape the Russian invasion that has taken a toll on their lives. They are smuggled into a truck, along with other refugees, and proceed to live in hiding for a few weeks. After, they are transported in a fuel truck, to Pakistan. Amir and Baba finally arrive in America, with great expectations. Amir thought of America as, "A river, roaring along, unmindful of the past... I embraced America"(136).
  • Afghans Flea Their Country

    In 1982, the Russian Union's invasion in Afghanistan led many of the residents to flea their country, and seek refuge elsewhere. Roughly, "2.8 million Afghans fled to Pakistan, [while] 1.8 million fled to Iran." Additionally, the land of Afghanistan becomes divided, with "Afghan guerrillas [obtaining] control of rural areas, [while] Soviet troops hold urban areas."
  • Amir Graduates from School

    Amir Graduates from School
    When Amir and Baba arrive in the USA, Amir receives his high school education. By 1983, Amir graduates, and Baba attends his graduation ceremony. Baba states he is "moftakhit [proud]" of his son. Amir was pleasantly surprised by Baba's comment, as he "liked being on the receiving end" of it. This was one of the first instances where Baba shows Amir his admiration for him. This leads to a positive change in Baba and Amir's relationship, as they soon learn to care and appreciate each other.
  • Osama bin Laden Travels to Afghanistan

    Osama bin Laden, takes his first recorded trip to Afghanistan, to "aid Anti-Soviet fighters." However, he claims he has traveled there once before, when the Soviet Union first began invading Afghanistan. Additionally, in 1884, the United Nations began to investigate "reported human rights violations" in Afghanistan.
  • Soraya and Amir's Relationship Begins

    In the Summer of 1985, Amir works up the courage to talk to Soraya Taheri, the Afghan girl from the flea market. Despite the rumors regarding her past, Amir falls madly in love with her. Soon after, Amir asks Baba to consult Soraya's father, for her hand in marriage. Right before they decide to marry, Soraya tells Amir of her regretful past, and worries it will make him resent her. Amir does not care as, "nothing [she] said changes anything. [He] still want [them] to marry" (165).
  • Baba Dies

    After being diagnosed with cancer, Baba refuses to receive medical treatment to help cure him. This soon causes his health to rapidly decline. Shortly after Soraya and Amir's wedding, Baba passes away in his sleep. Amir is left feeling alone, and lost. He no longer had his father to guide him, as, "[his] whole life he had been defined by Baba.. now he was gone...Baba couldn't show [him] the way anymore; [he would] have to find it on [his] own" (174).
  • Amir and Sohrab Arrive In California

    Amir and Sohrab Arrive In California
    In August of 200, Amir returns to San Francisco with Sohrab. Amir had newly adopted him, and the family begins to adjust to their new way of life. However, Amir and his wife, Soraya, are met with frustration when Sohrab is mute. Eventually, Amir and Sohrab bond over kite flying, and for the first time, Sohrab shows signs of happiness. "[Amir] looks down at Sohrab [and] one corner of his mouth has curled up just so. A smile," (370).
  • Hassan's Family Expands

    In 1996, Hassan and his wife, Farzana, attempt to expand their family, when Farzana becomes pregnant. Sadly, they have a stillbirth. One day, unexpectedly, Hassan's mother appears. She begs Hassan to forgive her for abandoning him. Their new relationship soon begins to blossom. Meanwhile, Hassan's wife becomes pregnant again. They decide to name their son Sohrab, "after Hassan's favorite hero from the Shahnamah" (211). This novel was also the one Amir used to read Hassan, as a child.
  • The Taliban Murders Hassan

    In 1998, the Taliban begin to murder the Hazaras throughout Afghanistan. While Rahim Khan is away, rumors spread that Hassan and his wife are living in Baba's mansion, alone. The Taliban come to investigate, and accuse Hassan of trespassing on property they do not own. When he denies this, and refuses to leave the house, he is publicly murdered. The case was then, "dismissed as a case of self-defense" Due to the citizen's fear of the Taliban, "no one said a word about it" (186).
  • Missiles Are Sent To Attack bin Laden's Camps

    In 1998, soon after al-Qaida bombs two American embassies in Africa, President Clinton plains his retaliation. Clinton, "orders cruise missile attacks against bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan.' However, the missile was a failure, as it did not land on the Saudi or other terrorist groups.
  • Rahim Khan Invites Amir to Pakistan

    In 2001, Rahim Khan calls Amir and asks him to visit him in Pakistan. When Amir arrives and talks with Rahim, he realizes the true intent of his invite. He was asked to go to Pakistan so Rahim could tell him of all the pivotal events that have occurred since Amir left Kabul. Additionally, Rahim asks Amir to save Hassan's son from the dangers of Kabul, as a way to atone himself. Rahim informs Amir, "there is a way to be good again" (192).
  • 9/11- Towers Fall Down

    9/11- Towers Fall Down
    In 2001, four planes crashed into the Twin Towers of New York, the Pentagon in D.C, and a field in Pennsylvania. These planes were flown and crashed by a group of hijackers, and the incident left thousands dead. Shortly after the crashes, it was reported that, "bin Laden, the Saudi exile believed to be hiding in Afghanistan, is the prime suspect in the attack."