Keegan Cregeur Time capsule

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  • Happy Birthday To Me!!

    Happy Birthday To Me!!
    I was born into this world June 30, 2001 in Bad Axe, Michigan. I was 7 lbs 11 oz and was 21 inches long.
  • How Me Became Me

    The story of my life in the beginning is a little strange. My mom told it to me a long time ago and I am telling you. It starts off, as usual, of me being born. My biological mom, Ashley Cregeur, was too young to take care of me because she was still going to school and didn't have the resources to take care of me. My mom's sister, Erin Siedlecki, adopted me on May 10 2002, and I became Keegan Charles Cregeur-Siedlecki. That concludes my story.
  • 2 years old

    2 years old
    In May of 2003, my grandma and grandpa from Michigan came down to visit us. Mom said we lived in DeLand, Florida. Here is of my whole family on my dad's side. We were on Stetson University's campus.
  • 4 years old

    4 years old
    In 2005 my sister, Kennedy, was born. This is a picture of me and her.
  • 6 years old

    6 years old
    I lost my first tooth when I was 6. I love pulling teeth out.
  • Almost 8 years old

    Almost 8 years old
    We live in the woods and sometimes see wild pigs in our yard. My dad shot one and we tracked it in the woods. It was huge! p.s. I also shoot squirrels.
  • 10 years old

    10 years old
    We took family picture to send to grandma and grandpa for Christmas. I kept making funny faces. I have three sisters but only told you about one. Just so you know, we sent a better picture without a funny face to grandma and grandpa.
  • Me Right Now

    Me Right Now
    Yesterday mom took this picture of me with my Lego Hunger Games game I made. It's so cool!