Justin Bueno 12A - Timetoast timeline

  • The day I was born.

    Was born in Winnipeg, @ St Boniface Hospital
  • Period: to

    My Timespan

  • Got baptized.

  • Learnt how to walk.

    One of my first achievements in life.
  • First vacation.

    Went to the Philippines when I was only 3. Explored new places in the world for the first time.
  • Entered Pre-School.

  • First day of school. (Kindergarten)

    Attended Christ The King School.
  • First Communion

  • Bussing to School.

    Started taking hte bus to schoolfor the first time.
  • Moved to a new house.

    Moved into the St.Vital Area. I used to live downtown. I had to get used to the area.
  • Getting Pet Fish

    Got a fish for a first pet.
  • Left Christ the King School.

  • Moved schools.

    Attended St.Maurice School after I left Christ The King, Went to St. Maurice School for the start of grade 4. Met new friends.
  • Saw my first Hockey Game. (Manitoba Moose)

    Was at the MTS Centre with a couple of friends. It was real loud!
  • Second vacation to the Philippines.

    Re-visited the Philippines after 7 years.
  • Joined basketball.

    The first time I joined a sport in St. Maurice.
  • First day of Junior High.

  • Volunteered at St. Emile Parish.

    Altar Served every Sunday Mass.
  • Confirmation

  • First Exams

  • First day of High School.

    Felt excited.
  • Applied for Jobs.

    Fixed and edited my first resume. Felt great, but did not get a job.
  • First time Joining Badminton.

    Lost in quarter finals.
  • Attended Driver's Ed

    Achieved good marks. Learnt about driving and other realted activities.
  • Volunteered at a Retirement Home

    Felt a great accomplishment for helping out the people in need. Met new people and discovered their likes and life.
  • Got driver's license. (Learners)

    Felt another great acomplishment. I felt like I could do things on my own self.
  • Volunteered at Retirement Home

    Got a good experie nce with elderly. Learnt about patience with people.
  • Joining Badminton for the Second Time

    Joined Badminton for my second time. Enjoyed playing last year so joined again. Lost in quarter-finals.
  • First day as a Senior

  • Made a Time-Toast timeline