Issac Leviner (2); Fetal Development Timeline

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  • Weak 1

    Weak 1
    “This is week one of your pregnancy, but you're not officially pregnant yet.” WebMD 0.63 inches
    0.04 ounces
    1.6 cm The cells are being put together.
  • Week 2

    Week 2
    “You still don't feel any different, but right now you're at the most fertile time of the month — you're ovulating!” WebMD
  • Week 3

    Week 3
    “Finally, you're pregnant! Sperm and egg have officially merged into one single cell, called a zygote.” WebMD
  • Week 4

    Week 4
    “Now that the embryo has attached to the wall of your uterus, the real work begins. Cells are dividing that will create all of your baby's organs.” WebMD
  • Week 5

    Week 5
    “You still might not recognize your baby yet. At this stage, he or she looks like a tiny collection of tubes.“ WebMD 0.63 inches
    0.04 ounces
    1.6 cm Cells are still being put together.
  • Week 6

    Week 6
    “Ba-bum, ba-bum. It's way too quiet for you to hear, but your baby's tiny heart has started to beat.” WebMD
  • Week 7

    Week 7
    “Even though you're only in your second month, your baby's body is already forming every organ it will need — including the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, and intestines.” WebMD
  • Week 8

    Week 8
    “You might not look pregnant yet, but you probably feel it! If the morning sickness hasn't set in, you're at least feeling more tired than usual.” WebMD
  • Week 9

    Week 9
    “Your baby weighs about 1/8 of an ounce — just bigger than a penny.” WebMD 0.90 inches
    0.07 ounces
    2.3 cm Head has already been formed. The nose and mouth has been formed as well. Arms are formed as well.
  • Week 10

    Week 10
    “Bye-bye tail! That early appendage is now completely gone. Also gone is the webbing between baby's fingers and toes.” WebMD
  • Week 11

    Week 11
    “Your baby has become very active, though you probably can't feel any flutters just yet.” WebMD
  • Week 12

    Week 12
    “You've reached the end of your first trimester — a major milestone! By the end of this week, your risk of having a miscarriage drops significantly” WebMD 2.13 inches
    0.49 ounces
    5.4 cm
  • Week 13

    Week 13
    “Hopefully you're over any morning sickness you had. Now, you should be putting on weight.” WebMD
  • Week 14

    Week 14
    “Your baby is right around 4 inches long from the top of the head to the rump and weighs about 4 1/2 ounces — roughly the size of a small peach.” WebMD
  • Week 15

    Week 15
    “It's very clear what's going on right now inside your baby's body. Baby's skin is so thin you can see right through it!” WebMD
  • Week 16

    Week 16
    “By now, your baby is nearly 5 inches long from the top of the head to the rump and weighs close to 4 ounces — about the size of a small apple.” WebMD 4.57 inches
    3.53 ounces
    11.6 cm
  • Week17

    “All systems are a go — or nearly there — inside your growing baby. The lungs are breathing in amniotic fluid. Blood is pumping around the circulatory system.” WebMD
  • Week 18

    Week 18
    “Are you feeling the first flutters of movement? You might be, because baby is now 5 1/2 inches long from the top of the head to the rump and weighs about 5 ounces.“ WebMD
  • Week 19

    Week 19
    “The amniotic fluid that surrounds and protects your baby can also irritate his or her delicate skin.” WebMD
  • Week 20

    Week 20
    “You're halfway through your pregnancy! In about 20 weeks, you'll get to meet your baby for the very first time.“ WebMD 6.46 inches
    10.58 ounces
    26.4 cm
  • Week 21

    Week 21
    “A lot is going on under the surface of your tummy! Tiny tooth buds are popping up in baby's gums.” WebMD
  • Week 22

    Week 22
    “This week your baby is almost 1 pound and 8 inches long from the top of the head to the rump!” WebMD
  • Week 23

    Week 23
    “Your baby has passed the 1-pound mark and is almost developed enough to survive outside the womb, but you've still got a few more months to go.” WebMD
  • Week 24

    Week 24
    “Your baby now weighs more than a pound and extends almost a foot long from the top of the head to the rump — stretched out that's about as big as a jumbo ballpark hotdog.” WebMD 11.81 inches
    1.31 ounces
    30 cm
  • Week 25

    Week 25
    “Your baby is getting bigger — weighing in at a pound-and-a-half — about the size of a head of broccoli.” WebMD
  • Week 26

    Week 26
    “Your baby is a 2-pound bundle of joy. He or she weighs about the same as the quart of milk you drink from daily to get your recommended 1,200 mg of calcium.“ WebMD
  • Week 27

    Week 27
    “You've entered your third trimester — the home stretch! Your baby is starting to look like he or she will at delivery, but inside, the organs still have some maturing to do.“ WebMD
  • Week 28

    Week 28
    “By now your baby measures about 10 inches long from the top of the head to the rump and weighs more than 2 pounds — about as large as a squash.” WebMD 14.80 inches
    2.22 ounces
    37.6 cm
  • Week 29

    Week 29
    “Baby is growing at a rapid rate, and because there's less room in the womb, you should be able to feel just about every movement.” WebMD
  • Week 30

    Week 30
    “This week your baby measures about 11 inches long from the top of the head to the rump, and tips the scales at nearly 3 pounds — about the size of a small roasting chicken.” WebMD
  • Week 40

    Week 40
    “This is the week when you should finally get to meet the squirmy little bundle you've been carrying around for the last 9 months! However, often babies don't cooperate and arrive on schedule.” WebMD 20.16 inches
    7.63 ounces
    51.2 cm