Independence of America

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  • Bourbon Reforms

    Bourbon Reforms
    The kings implemented in America the alcabala and estancos (aguardiente, tobacco, salt)
  • Independence of United States

    Independence of United States
    The main causes of Independence were:
    Tea and Stamp Taxes
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    Abolition of Feudalism in France. Declaration of the Rights of Man.
  • Independence of Haiti

    Independence of Haiti
    Jean Jacques Dessalines defeated the French troops. It was, thus, the second independent country in America, and the first in which the protagonists of independence were the blacks.
  • Napoleon's Invasion of Spain

    Napoleon's Invasion of Spain
    Napoleon imprisoned Charles IV and Ferdinand VII and forced them to abdicate in his favor, leaving Joseph Bonaparte in charge of the government.
  • Enlightenment Ideas

    Enlightenment Ideas
    This movement, which was born in Europe and gained strength in America at the end of the 18th century, proclaims the dignity, sovereing, equal rights of individuals, separation of 3 powers.
  • "Cry of Independence" in Quito

    "Cry of Independence" in Quito
    Quito "Luz de America" (south)
    The Junta Libertaria, formed by criollos from Quito, signed an act declaring that Ecuador no longer belonged to the Spanish crown.
  • Independence of Chile

    Independence of Chile
    San Martín spent years manufacturing weapons, bullets and equipment, and organizing the Andes Army. He suffered a serious defeat in Cancha Rayada, triumphed in the battle of Maipú, ensuring independence.
  • Independence of Argentina

    Independence of Argentina
    The Congress of Tucumán, declared the formal rupture of the bonds of political dependence of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata with the Spanish monarchy.
  • Independence of Venezuela

    Independence of Venezuela
    Bolívar, Piar, Páez and others reactivated the war. Bolivar defeated Morillo in Carabobo. In the battle of Pantano de Vargas, the independence of the new Granada was sealed.
  • Independence of Peru

    Independence of Peru
    The uprising in favor of the independence of the Royalist Regiment opened the doors of Lima to San Martin, and forced the viceroy to leave the city.
  • Greater Colombia

    Greater Colombia
    It was formed after the Congress of Cúcuta, the promoter of the new nation was Simón Bolívar, creating a nation big enough to compete with the European powers.
  • Independence of Ecuador

    Independence of Ecuador
    A war led by Antonio José de Sucre, winning the Battle of Pichincha.
  • San Martin and Bolivar

    San Martin and Bolivar
    In their meetings in Guayaquil, Bolivar and San Martin spoke to complete freedom defending Peru from the realists.
  • Independence war End

    Independence war End
    Peru and Bolivia breaks any realistic bond. Bolívar & Sucre Victory in Peru.
  • Death of Bolivar

    Death of Bolivar
    He dies at the age of 47, in the city of Santa Martha, Colombia, from tuberculosis.
  • Dissolution of Greater Colombia

    Dissolution of Greater Colombia
    The Bolivarian dream vanished when Venezuela promoted a new Constitution, the definitive rupture of Greater Colombia occurred with the separation of Ecuador and a new framework of relations between Colombia and Panama. The death of Simón Bolívar was another factor in the dismemberment of the new nation.
  • Independence of Mexico

    Independence of Mexico
    The process of independence began with the Grito de Dolores, by Miguel Hidalgo, against the Virreinato of New Spain, and ended with the Treaty of Cordoba.
  • The failure of Puerto Rico

    The failure of Puerto Rico
    Grito de Lares, did not succeed in Puerto Rico which is still administered by the U.S. Currently it is not an independent country.
  • Independence of Brazil

    Independence of Brazil
    John VI promoted a legal reform - Brazil: the territorial base, proclaimed himself emperor of Brazil. He abdicated and was succeeded by his son, Pedro II. Portugal recognized its independence.
  • Independence of Cuba

    Independence of Cuba
    The cry of Yara, the first war of independence called the Great War José Martí organizes the Revolutionary Party.The United States declares war on Spain, Cuba wins by proclaiming independence.