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  • Northwest ordinance

    After the treaty of paris was signed in 1783 US gained control over the Appalachian Mountains.The northwest portion of this territory, divided under the northwest ordinance set the precedents how states will enter the union
  • Louisiana Purchase

    In 1803 Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory from France even though he was unsure about the constitutionality of the purchase. It gave the US control of the Mississippi River and the port of New Orleans. It set the precedent for future land purchases and that land can be acquired without war.
  • Missouri compromise

    in the 1819 there would be an equal balance between slave states and free states.Once missouri applied to be a slave state it would have broken that balance.So the missouri comprise would declare missouri as a slave state and maine as a free state.It also drew the line of slavery expansion at 36 30line.
  • Monroe doctrine

    President James Monroe issues the Monroe doctrine which warns Europe to not colonize Latin America. The enforcement depended on the British navy as the us military power was very limited. It didn’t immediately do anything. But rather later was used for future presidents involvement with Latin American affairs,which lead to resentment between the 2 regions
  • Nullification crisis

    The federal government passed a very high protective tariff. Southerners were angry about that and john c Calhoun tried to nullify the tariff and said that south carolina wouldnt pay.Andrew jackson wanted to maintain that the federal government is stronger than states but didnt want to lose support of the south.a compromised was reached and the tariff was lowered and SC was forced to pay the tariff
  • texas annexation

    In 1844 The manifest destiny was used as a rally so that james polk could get elected.In 1845 James polk sent ambassadors to the mexican territory to try and purchase it.Mexico refused the offer.This led to james polk sending troops to the territory.Mexico thought of this as a hostile act and fired at american troops.Polk saw this as a signal of war leading to the mexican american war.
  • Kansas - Nebraska Act

    In 1845 Stephen Douglass would propose popular sovereignty to decide whether the new states should be slave states or free states.The Kansas Nebraska act would overturn the Missouri compromise by allowing popular sovereignty north of 36 30. Both sides sent supporters to get votes. The pro and anti-slave competition would turn very violent and known as bleeding Kansas
  • oregon treaty

    It was a territory owned by the British and Spanish, but the Adams-onis treaty was signed which ended the Spanish claim of the territory. It was James Polk's promise to acquire this territory. He did fulfill his promise to some extent.American newspaper headlined 54 40 or fight meaning they supported war with britain.Later on negotiations led to the oregon treaty of 1846 giving us control south of the 49th parallel and avoiding war
  • mexican cession

    After Mexico fired at American troops, James Polk saw it as a call for war. This war between America and Mexico would be called the mexican-American war. America would penetrate deep into Mexican territory which led to the treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo being signed. This treaty granted the US most of the southwest land which was being occupied by Mexico before the war. The Mexican cession would complete the manifest destiny by giving Americans control of land from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
  • Compromise of 1850

    The compromise of 1850 would lead to many different things.It admitted california as a free state.It introduced popular sovereignty to decide wheter or not the new states should be free or slave states.The slavery question in the mexican cession would also be decided by popular sovereignty.It also would prohibit the sale of slaves in washington dc.Lastly the fugitive slave law which required northerners to return runaway slaves.This law would be enforced by the government
  • Bleeding kansas

    After the proposal of Stephen Douglas's popular sovereignty on whether the new states should be free or slave states, conflict arose between pro and anti slavery voters. A lot of people were injured and a lot even died. Some even consider this to be the main start of the civil war. Through all of this, a new party was formed. The republican party
  • Battle of bull run

    This battle would be between General Irvin McDowell (Union) and General Thomas J. Jackson (Confederacy).At the beginning of the war the union would have the upper hand but the confederacy would win the battle.It shocked many people who thought the war would end quickly.After this war ended lincoln would replace general mcdowell because he felt he was to lenient on his troops and didnt fight like he wanted to win.His replacement would be General George G. McClellan
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    Battle of fort sumter

    The first battle of the civil war,also known as the battle of fort sumter began on april 12 1861 where confederate forces fired at the union held garrisonThe next day the commander would surrender and then he would be evacuated the next day.The outcome of the civil war would depend on the fighting recources of the north and south.THe geographical factors which would influence strategies of commanders and military leadership.
  • Battle of Antietam

    The battle of antiem would become very important yet the deadliest day of the civil war.The union was led by General George McLellan and the confederates were led by general Robert lee. This war was the first southern invasion into the north and would end with 23000 casualties.although fewer casualties lee would retreat to virginia. Lincoln saw this as an opportunity to move forward with the emancipation proclamation. The battle of antiem would set the main focus on abolishing slavery
  • Emancipation proclamation

    The emancipation proclamation would emancipate slaves who still engaged in rebellion against the union. It was promoted as a military measure against the confederacy.It was an important turning point in the war. Since it added the liberation of slaves in the war. This made it impossible for British forces to support the south since the British were completely against slavery. Lincoln would give the south one last chance to join the union and keep their slaves which they refused
  • gettysburg adress

    in 1863, Lincoln would visit the Gettysburg battlefield so he could dedicate a cemetery to his fallen soldiers.“Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. He described the civil war as a struggle to fulfill the declaration of independence and preserve the union as one
  • Battleof vicksburg

    The battle of vicksburg would happen in may 1863.The union won the battle with General Ulysses S. Grant.Whilst the confederants had General John Pemberton.After trying to capture vicksburg multiple times ulysses finally succeded and captured vicksburg.Lincoln would think of this to be a turning point in the war as backs were turned against him because the people thought the union can lose this war.
  • Battle of gettysburg

    The battle of gettysburg would be the bloodiest battle that happend in the civil war.General robert e.lee would try to capture some union ground.So he went off to pennsylvania.At the beginning the confederats were about to win the battle but the unions swift thinking and acting under General George G. Meade would put them at an advantage.Lee would have to retreat to virginia with 1/3 of his army being dead.Although the union had more casulities the confederance lost the battle
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    Presidential Reconstruction (1863-1867)

    The presidential reconstruction or the 10%plan as some call it was a process proposed by lincoln where 10% of southern voters from the 1860 election needed to wear an aoth to the Union and accept the terms of emancipating their slaves. High ranking confederates were exempt from this.After lincolns assasination andrew johnson tried carrying on this plan but granted pardon to southers confederates.Congress felt him and this plan were being to easy on the south and he was then impeached
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    Sherman’s March to the Sea

    From November 15th until December 21st, 1864. William Sherman marched with 60Thousand men over 285miles from Atlanta to savannah this was called the march to the sea. He wanted to gain control of the savannah during the civil war. To do this he used the total war method damaging everything in their paths. He would use the railroads to his advantage and after that, he would destroy them
  • 13th Amendment

    The 13th amendment was proposed by lincoln in 1865 after the war had ended.This amendment would be very important to african-americans as it ended slavery throughout the united states of america.The south would have to recognize this amendment,if they didnt they couldnt form any governments.Southerners did not want to recognize the right of freemen so they replaced slave codes with black codes.These codes would be enforced by groups like the KKK
  • 14Th amendment

    The 14th amenmdent was passed in 1866 by congess and ratified 2 years later because the south was required ratify it so that they could rejoin the union and be allowed full partification back in Congress.The 14th amendment grants birthright citizenship to anyone who is born in the united states of america.It also gives any citizen the right of protection that the bill of rights would give.It would also overturn the dread scott decision.This is the only time a court ruling was overturned
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    Congressional Reconstruction (1867-1877)

    After the election in 1866 republicans in congress passed a congressional reconstruction plan. The plan was there in hopes of taking control and finishing up reconstruction. Its main goal was to punish the south starting off with a military plan. Which split the former confederacy into 5districs controlled by the US army which protected the rights of freedmen. They were forced to ratify the 14thamendment which grants birthright citizenship and African- Americans the right to vote
  • 15Th Amendment

    The 15th amendment would be the last reconstructional amendment.It would allow all men no matter race to vote.This was motivated by a desire from the republican party so that they could establish political power in the south.Meaning that african americans would vote for republicans so that there rights would be futher protected.The 14th and 15th amendment would gradually be taken away by southern state governments
  • Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)

    After the reconstruction had ended,the promised rights in 14th and 15 amendments were gradually taken away by the south.Segregation was widespread even in the north.They would have seperate facilities for white and black people.All this led to the Plessy vs Ferguson case in 1896.Its slogan was "separate but equal".The decision would be that the supreme court upheld segregation and discrimination and it negated the equal protection provision of the 14th amendment and brought more jim crow laws