Gold Discoveries of Australia

  • New south Wales

    Edward Hargraves was the first person to discover gold in Australia. He discovered gold in Lewis Ponds in Bathurst at Hill Creek. His discovery lead to thousands of miners rushing to Lewis Pond
    Creek and Turon River. This was the start of something big called the Gold Rush.
  • Victoria

    Charles LaTrobe was the first governor in the Colony of Victoria. He introduced the licences to dig for gold and to run businesses on the diggings.
    A very productive mining town, known for its deep underground quartz reef which was found up to 2 km deep.
    Victoria was the richest goldfield state with about 1000 tonnes of gold found in just the 1850s! Victoria is responsible for producing 40% of the world’s gold.
  • Queensland

    In 1858, 8000 Victorians rushed to Port
    Curtis (a suburb). However, the promise of gold was exaggerated and the chances to find gold was very low. The Victorian government had to donate £15,000 to help the miners return home.
    In 1867 John Nash discovered gold in Gympie. It
    didn’t take long for this news to get around and 2
    months later 25,000 miners had wanted to go there again hoping to find gold. Gympie
    required deep mining which started and continued until 1925!
  • Tasmania

    Fingal The first discovery of gold in Tasmania was on
    the Eastern Coast in Fingal. In 1859, it was at this place where they set up Tasmania’s first quartz-crusher. Beaconsfield On the Tamar River is a popular mine called the Beaconsfield
    mine. This mine produced £77,2671 worth of gold
    by 1905! Sadly however by 1914, the mine was no longer
    productive and it was closed.
  • South Australia

    The South Australian Government offered a reward of £1,000 to the first miner who could find some gold that was payable in 1851.
    Mr Chapman was to claim this reward within the year. 10,000 people came all-around to mine here however, the gold was gone very quickly.
    Thomas Brady and Thomas Smith discovered gold
    there in 1866. Teetupla is north of Adelaide
    and the conditions were hot and dusty for the
    miners. 5,000 miners found £300,000 worth of gold!
  • Northern Territory

    Pine Creek 1871-present In 1871 construction workers were building a telegraphy line between Alice Springs and Darwin and somehow found gold by accident. A great deal of the workers for the line left this job to search for gold. Tennant Creek Tennant Creek is the most successful mining in the Northern
    Territory. Fun Fact: Tennant Creek still has an active mining industry
  • Western Australia

    Western Australia was actually the last state and territory to join the gold rush, however, it proved to have the most gold out of all the states.
    In 1893, Addy Hannon, Tom Flanagan and Dan Shea found gold 40km east of Coolgardie.
    Kalgoorlie was and still is today, a very productive gold mine.