• 3000 BCE

    The Sky Elves retreated

    The Sky Elves cut themselves off from most of the world, save the Northern Fey. (and the high government of Ealota, but not the people.) The reason for this is unknown.
  • Period: 3000 BCE to 1500 BCE

    The Ancient Ages

    The Ancient Ages, a time that is lost. Much of the written history from this time is lost, due to the war of Miirysana, which took place later.
  • 1561 BCE

    Daubyr is formed.

    King Aeborn becomes the first ruler of the newly found nation, Daubyr, which was much smaller at the time.
  • Period: 1000 BCE to 350 BCE

    The Time of Darkness

    The Time of Darkness came when the gods supposedly left the mortal world, abandoning the people of Ethoa, and ended when history was not lost.
  • 349 BCE

    History is Found

    This is when history began in the eyes of the Miirysanan family, in most of the world at least. The Vyatkian Library still has records of the Ancient World, where the Miirysanans never reached, however the history is very fragmented.
  • Period: 200 BCE to 97 BCE

    The Mirrysanan Wars

    the Miirysanan Dynasty went on conquests, attempting to colonise all of Ethoa. The Eydiamons brought them down.
  • 97 BCE

    The Eydiamons Come Into Power.

    The very first Eydiamon ruler, Queen Ellivya "the Savior" brings an era of peace to the nation. Ellivya came into power after leading the rebellion against the Miirysanan Dynasty.
  • 1 CE

    Inveraya Falls

    The great empire of Inveraya hath fallen, bringing on a new phase of the world.
  • 3

    Caclua is Formed

    The Kingdom of Caclua is formed by some remaining Inverayan government structure, and King Taron Daemaryn takes his place as King.
    The formation of Caclua was very controversial, since their ideas about women and sex equality were very backwards and strange. They are still strange, but people have mostly ignored it.
  • 158

    Kymia is Formed

    Kymia breaks free from Caclua, who are not very happy about their newfound independence.
  • 162

    Imocki Falls

    The Riverland Rebels take down the Imockish Government, and the Riverlands fall into chaos.
  • 168

    Phemos is formed.

    The Nation of Phemos is formed from the remaining bones from the fallen Imockish Government.
  • 189

    Caclua invades Kymia

    Caclua invades Kymia in an attempt to regain their territory. Daubyr looks on with disgust.
  • 191

    Caclua invades Feshava

    Caclua invades Feshava after Feshava allies with Kymia in their war.
  • 197

    Kimissi Falls

    The Kingdom of Kimissi falls after two years of civil war. The Queen Likira's own brother killed her and her son for the throne, and the nation fell into war. The Riverland Rebels are truly behind the attack.
  • 200

    Daubyr cuts ties with Caclua

    Daubyr cuts ties with Caclua due to their expansionism and invasion of other nations, which Daubyr is staunchly against.
  • 201

    Ellivya marries Luico

    Crowned Princess Ellivya Eydiamon married Lord Luico Maldock of the __ province in Daubyr.
  • 217

    Caclua falls.

    the Kingdom of Caclua finally falls, after decades of economic, political and cultural instability.