Esmaeal Amar's Development Timeline

Timeline created by Esmaealamar
  • Infancy: Physical/ Biological development

    when did you start walking?
    I began walking at the age of one.
  • Infancy: Sensorimotor

    When I was an infant, I remember being told by my parents and their friends that I was always looking around. My head was barely supported by my neck, but that did not stop me in being captivated. I was taught certain words with colors and associating things together. There was a point in my life when I would no longer put the circle in the square hole.
  • Infancy: Emotional Development

    I was very fond of my parents. In my opinion, I was a wild child that depended a lot on my parents. I did and still do love them, I am just not as overly attached to them as I was in the past.
  • Starting preschool

    Starting preschool
  • Infancy: Emotional Development

    Although I was interested in much of the world around me, I was also described as cranky. I was told that I threw tantrums sometimes when I was younger.
  • Early Childhood: Emotional development

    Although I matured a bit, I was still cranky. I got mad easy and it was a bit hard to make friends at that age. However, I still had my interest with the world. How things click and how they work together.
  • early childhood: preoperational

    At this point, I was just starting elementary school. I was taught the alphabet and shortly after, how to read. This was an important event as it acted as a gateway into my interests at that time. With the ability to read, I was able to delve into worlds and learn about topics that I found interesting (like dinosaurs).
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    what sort of interests did you have as a young child? Does this fit with the research on children's concept formation and categorization?
    As a young child, I loved to play outside and play with dinosaurs and toy cars. This does fit children's concept formationn and categorization.
  • Middle and late childhood: Physical/Biological development

    How often do you get physical exercise? What were your feelings towards physical development?
    I exercised almost every day. when I was in my middle and late adulthood I loved playing outside.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    My parents used make read books and write down what i learned, and then they would make present to them.
  • middle and late childhood: concrete operational

    As I began to progress, I started to learn more and more. I found that my interests were becoming increasingly diverse. I learned about different topics and realized how different they are.
  • Adolescent: Physical/ Biological Development

    Did you enter puberty early or late? Did it have any effect on you?
    I entered puberty late, and it did not affect.
  • adolescence: cognitive Development

    I started thinking about intelligence at a fairly young age. When I had a vocabulary test on a few words we had gone over, I started thinking about what defines people as smart. Is it how much knowledge is amassed by a human? Is it the ability to think critically? I know that although they do not know much in regards to older human beings, there are infants who exhibit behaviour that is considered smart. I have come to the conclusion that a combination of both is what makes someone smart.
  • adolescent: Formal Operational stage

    As I progressed even further in life, I found that there were important skills I needed to implement so that I succeed in my life. Thinking outside the box was necessary. For example, I know that there are many ways to start a fire when I camp. However, depending on what I have at my disposal limits my options. It was in that situation that I have to be wise with my supplies.
  • Emotional Development: Adolescenes

    I would say the most appropriate type of love is infatuation. It is described as short but intense. With the abundance of technology and mindnumbing games available (especially since they're popular as well), most peoples' attention spans are short. However, when people are interested in something (even for the short time that they are), they go deep into it. At least, that is from what I have seen.
  • adolescence: Emotional development

    I would describe my relationship with my brother as filled with love, but at various levels constantly. However rocky it is though, it's still there at all times.
  • adolescence: Physical/ biological Development

    How often do you get physical exercise? What were your feelings towards physical development?
    I currently love exercising, i do it almost everyday.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
  • Early Adulthood: physical/ Biological Development

    What is your current level of physical activity? how do you feel about exercise?
    I love to exercise, I exercise almost every day.
  • Early adulthood: Formal Operation stage

  • Early adulthood: Emotional Development

    I would describe my closest relationship to be with my brother. Although we may fight with each other a lot (like physically and sometimes we get into heated arguments), I found that I would not want to have it any other way. He knows just about everything about me and I him. The relationship with my brother may be peaceful, but I believe it is the closest one to me.