Erikson Timeline-Kelsie Overway

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  • Event 1

    Georgia (age 9), decided to learn the violin and work towards becoming a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, just as her father had done. In Erikson's fourth stage, industry versus inferiority, the crisis is children expanding their knowledge and abilities taught in their culture. A child who is successful will be praised whereas a child who is unsuccessful will be shamed.
  • Event 2

    Georgia (age 45) is offered two positions, one at an accounting firm where she would make an enormous income and one as a violin instructor. Georgia chooses to be a violin instructor. In Erikson's seventh stage, generativity versus stagnation, the generative person in middle adulthood is focused on how to help the well-being of the next generation. If the person chooses to focus on their own needs, they will become stagnant.
  • Event 3

    Georgia (age 72), sits in her home surrounded by her friends and family while she is in her last moments of life. When she reflected on her life's choices, she had minimum regrets. She had given her passion and love to the music world and in turn had taught hundreds of people how to play the violin. In Erikson's final stage, ego integrity versus despair, the conflict is between accepting your life with little to no regrets, ego integrity, or being filled with regret and hopelessness, despair.