Ry 400

Emilie Stawara Meiselbach

  • Birth

    Prenatal development and birth- full term healthy pregnancy and birth to a mother who did not smoke, drink or do drugs.
  • first steps

    The first two years
    Biosocial-Motor skills
    I started walking at about 91/2 months. In fact, my first steps were more of a run and I guess I never really slowed down! My mom said all three of us were active babies and early walkers.
  • "good baby"

    The first two years
    My mom said I had an easy temperament as a baby. I laughed, smiled, and was rarely fussy. Our book stated that temperament traits may originate with genes. Well, this wasn’t true with my children! My second one especially is just a fussy kid!
  • full sentences

    The first two years
    My first words were at about 12 months. By 18 months my mom I was speaking in sentences. This was the total opposite of my son who didn’t even say “mommy” or “daddy” until he was three.
  • Co-op preschool

    Play years
    Cognitive- Early childhood education
    At three, I was enrolled in a co-op preschool. My mother volunteered there twice a month. I loved crafts, our teacher had a French background so we sang song and read stories in French and I had playgroup with a friend from school once a week.
  • Ballet and Baby dolls

    Play years
    Psychosocial -Becomming boys and girls
    At age four, I would prefer tutus and baby dolls to trucks and trains. I had boy cousins about the same age, so I was introduced to “boy toys” as well. Girl toys were mostly favored.
  • "Good eater"

    Play years
    Biosocial -Body changes BMI lowest at age 5
    My father was a chef and stressed good nutrition. We were introduced to many different types of foods at an early age. Luckily, my sisters and I were not picky eaters. At age 5 my favorite food was muscles!
  • Girl Scouts

    School years
    At age seven I started girl scouts. Many of the girls in the school were involved, so it was good for peer interaction.
  • Violin

    School years
    Cognitive- Education
    When I was in fifth grade, the school introduced musical instruments to the class. We were able to try out different instruments and use them for the year in music class. I chose the violin. Music is great for the mind and sole. I continued playing for about five years until sports consumed my interest.
  • Gymnastics and cheerleading

    School years
    Biosocia- A healthy time
    Both gymnastics and cheer were great experiences growing up. It was a fun way to exercise and stay in shape.
  • SHS Cross Country

    SHS Cross Country
    Cognitive- Teaching and learning
    Cross country was something I thought I would try, but not be able to accomplish. It tought me a lot about myself and sixteen years later, I am proud to say I am still a runner.
  • First job

    First job
    Psychosocial-Search for identity
    My first job was a great experience for me. It tought me responsibility and a lot about who I was as an individual.
  • Spring Break

    I went to Panama City Beach, Florida for spring break my senior year of high school. This was my first trip with friends and without parents. I didn’t try marijuana or any illicit drugs, but I did use alcohol and cigarettes. I was lucky I didn’t get into any trouble or get hurt.
  • 25lbs.

    Emerging Adulthood
    Biosocial- Health Habits
    At age 21, I moved out of my parents and into an apartment with a girlfriend. I was studding during the day, working and going out at night, and eating junk in between. I had stopped running after high school cross-country was over. I ended up gaining about 25lbs when I realized my new lifestyle wasn’t the healthiest. So, I started running and lifting weights again, lost the weight and gained a healthy, muscular body. I have maintained a healthy body o
  • Our wedding

    Our wedding
    Emerging Adulthood
    After five and a half years of dating I married my best friend. A lot of our relationship had been "growing up" together.
  • B.B.A. Eastern Michigan University

    B.B.A. Eastern Michigan University
    Emerging Adulthood
    My collage graduation was on of the biggest accomplishments in my life. Education is pricless; no one can ever take that away.
  • The birth of Thomas

    The birth of Thomas
    Psychosocial- Intimacy
    The birth of our first was life changing. Our relationship was brought to a new level. We were now in charge of another life.
  • Mommy goes back to school

    Mommy goes back to school
    Cognitive-Selective gains and losses
    After about a year of tossing around the idea, the decision was made. I would try to get into grad school for P.A. There were many influences to this decision. The main focus was our kids. Their college tuition will be quadruple the cost of ours. We want to make sure we give them every opportunity possible.
  • Botox

    Biosocial- The aging process
    Last year (2010) was the first year I started feeling older. Stretch marks from pregnancy, a torn miniscus from running, and now wrinkles?! I can only guess that in 5-10 years I will be indulging in Botox. Especially since I have a sister who is a P.A. in dermatology!
  • Retirement

    Late Adult
    Psychosocial- coping with retirement
    I think I will be happy to retire at age 65 if not earlier. My husband and I plan to have a bigger sailboat and sail around the Caribbean when we retire. I’m trying to keep him in good health as well so hopefully we can live out our dream!
  • Staying active

    Late Adult
    Biosocial-prejudice and predictions
    The chances of dying from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and pneumonia go up with age. I plan to continue to exercise for as long as I can to keep my body and mind conditioned. Hopefully this will lower my chances of some of these diseases.
  • Memory

    Late Adult
    Cognitive- The usual:information processing after age 65
    I’d like to say that I have good genes. I have two grandmothers and a grandfather that are at the age of 80 and they are as sharp as ever. Memory is the first to slow down and I’m sure it will but if I follow in their footsteps I will be quite pleased!
  • Death

    Death and dying
    I chose the age of 96 for my death because that is how long the life expectancy calculator estimated me to live. I think I will have a "good death" where it is peaceful, quick and painless at the end of my long fulfilling life!