egypt and britain

Timeline created by AsiahZ
  • 5000 BCE

    About 5,000 years ago the civilization of Ancient Egypt developed in the Nile River Valley. it endured for almost 3,000 years

  • 1964 BCE

    in 1964, Egypt built a dam across the Nile River called the Aswan High Dam

  • 1962 BCE

    in Algeria, the majority resisted French rule, went to war, won independence in 1962

  • 1950 BCE

    Most of the region gained independence in the 1950s

  • During the 1800s, European powers came to rule North Africa

  • Europeans colonzied North Africa in the 1800s, but it's nations achieved independence in the 1900s

  • Egypt gained independence in 1922 but britain continued to rule the country

  • in 1952, Gamal Abdel Nasser overthrew the government and seized control of Egypt

  • Egypt regained the Sinai Peninsula in 1979 when it signed a pace agreement with israel