Educraft SMP History 2

  • Server Creation

    The server was created,.
  • Survival2 is created.

    Survival2 is created.
  • Period: to

    The Blank Era

    Nothing majorly important happened during this era. This era can also be referred to as the "Primitive Era"
  • The Architectural Revolution

    The first buildings, designs for buildings and wonders begin to emerge.
  • Waltoria is formed

    Waltoria is formed by LunarCrusader_ and .DandeGONG
  • Fishlore is formed

    Fishlore is formed by negligenc3
  • Agricultural Age

    Farming begins to become normalized.
  • Fishlore changes it's name to Swampterra

    Pretty self-explanatory.
  • The first war begins

    After the two leaders of Waltoria decided to burn down Swampterra's first base, Swampterra declared war the morning after.
  • The Beginning of the Advancement Era

    Capabilities, ideologies, powers and technology begin to become more efficient and expand.
  • Swampterra changes it's name to Chaos Crushers

    Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Chaos Crushers gets disbanded

    After negligenc3 (Splonge) joins Waltoria, he disbands Chaos Crushers.