ECS 6 Month Hempress3 Pilot Project

Timeline created by JesseNiesen
  • Nate & Jesse meet, discuss Investor Interest & Biz Plan

  • ECS, LLC Filed

  • ECS Meeting w Investors. Request Plan to Invest

  • Initial Plan & Budget

  • EIN Assigned

  • Initial Funding Begins

  • First 10M+ CA Compliant Seed Crop + 500lbs AAA Flower For Sale!

  • $10M+ Revenue by Spring 2020

  • Period: to

    ECS Organization: Nate, Beth & Jesse Full Time Cannabis / Hemp / CBD Business R&D

  • Period: to

    Start Up

    First meeting to now
  • Period: to

    Build Out

    Funding through start of Operations
  • Period: to

    First Run Done

    Buy from Vegas veg’d, two weeks in Bethel veg then flip, plus 8-9 weeks to finish. 10-11 weeks... already mid/late January 2020