Documenting The Arc

  • Trayvon Martin Rally at US Customs House

    Trayvon Martin Rally at US Customs House
  • Denzel "Jaba" Curnell murdered by CPD at Bayside apartments

    Cop who murdered Jaba was sent to work December 13 Millions March Charleston
  • Eric Garner murdered by police in Staten Island

  • Period: to

    Documenting The Arc

    Pivotal moments in the call for justice between 2014 and 2020, beginning with the formation of Black Lives Matter Charleston in late 2014 through the local George Floyd protests and civil unrest that marked the Summer of 2020 in the Charleston area.
  • Mike Brown murdered by police in Ferguson, Missouri

  • National Moment of Silence 2014 #NMOS14

    Peaceful vigils honoring the innocent lives lost and pay respect to those whose lives have been affected by police brutality will gather on August 14, 2014 at 7pm EST/4pm PT. Moment of silence will start at the: 20 minute mark. organized by @feministajones
  • Millions March Charleston

    Millions March Charleston
    Route: Mall Park–crossed Meeting at Columbus ((cops said to get on sidewalk; at least 3 folks with bullhorns). Stopped in Marion Square (Damon Fordham, Dwayne Germain, Muhiyidin "Moya" d'Baha spoke), then unplanned march down King, left on Market, more rallying at Customs House and Adolphus Williams performed, end of march. Smaller group split and marched to FederalCcourthouse on Broad, including Moya.
  • December 18 Organizational Meeting ILA

    see minutes in email Brandon Fish
  • Shooting/Vandalizing Churches James Island

  • Walter Scott murdered by NCPD officer Michael Slager

  • BLM Charleston becomes aware of video of Walter Scott murder

    BLM views video w/ Feidin, goes straight to Scott family, attorney for family Justin Bamberg wants to turn video over immediately to SLED, BLM takes screenshots of video before it is turned over to SLED.
  • P&C - "Family Seeks Truth in Shooting Death"

    P&C - "Family Seeks Truth in Shooting Death"
  • Video of Walter Scott's murder goes public

    NY Times first to report video; local news does not report video until the following day
  • Walter Scott Rally

    Walter Scott Rally
    Held in front of North Charleston City Hall after video taken by Feidin Santana of killing of Walter Scott by Michael Slager went public; followed by BLM Charleston Organizational meeting at ILA Hall
  • Private Planning Group for BLMChs formed

    This group was developed for the "executive committee" of BLMChs aside from the larger public group.
  • First set of demands developed during organizational meeting at Pete and Rita's

    See attached notes of meeting
  • Initial Members added to the planning group

    Initial Members added to the planning group
    Many people were deleted from the group and others left for various reasons. But this shows the initial working committee.
  • Mayor Summey/Council cancels first presentation on CRB

    Mayor Summey/Council cancels first presentation on CRB
  • Tanger Direct Action

    Direct Action at Tanger Outlet
  • Working Groups Created

    Education and Outreach Working Group
    Communications and Media Working Group
    Non-Violent Direct Action Working Group
    Legal/Research Working Group
    Strategic Arts and Culture
    Neighborhood Cop Watching Network
    Citizens Lobby Group
    Resource, Finance, and Procurement Working Group
    Resource Network
  • Prayer Circle

    Healing: Drums, Art and Prayer #WalterScott
  • For Brandon

    For Brandon
  • SONG bridge shut down

  • Organizational Meeting Minutes

    See attached minutes from May 7, 2015
  • First Meeting at Avery Research Center (Liberation School)

    First Meeting at Avery Research Center (Liberation School)
    Class organized by Erica Veal discussing African American history and the roots of injustices in the Black community. Held from 3pm-5pm at ARC in the SMART Classroom
  • Mothers Day Weekend Tanger Action

    Mothers Day Weekend Tanger Action
  • Tanger Outlet Mother's Day Weekend Boycott

  • Massacre at Mother Emanuel

  • Mother Emanuel shooter arrested in Shelby, NC

    Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford buys Dylan Roof Burger King after taking him into custody without incident.
  • Bridge To Peace unity chain

    Over 10,000 gather on Ravenel Bridge. Led by Mount Pleasant police chief Carl Ritchie. "It's not black lives that matter anymore. All lives matter," said Black Lives Matter leader Jay Johnson to loud cheers from a mainly white crowd before the event kicked off. "We are united as the human race," he said, stripping off his thick dark Black Lives Matter sweatshirt in the early evening heat and humidity.
  • Bree Newsome removes flag SC Statehouse

  • Avery Research Center obtains funding to start RSJI

  • SC Legislature Votes to Remove Confederate Flag from Statehouse

    Republican-dominated legislature of South Carolina passes bill permanently removing Confederate flag from the capitol building. Republican Governor Nikki Haley quickly signs it. Flag removed the next day, July 10.
  • Joyce Curnell dies in CPD custody at Al Cannon

    Joyce Curnell dies in CPD custody at Al Cannon
  • N News - "Keep Out: After Walter Scott shooting city and state officials kept a close watch on outside groups"

    N News - "Keep Out: After Walter Scott shooting city and state officials kept a close watch on outside groups"
  • Tecklenburg succeeds Riley as Charleston Mayor

    Democrat John Tecklenberg succeeds Democrat Joseph P. Riley as Charleston mayor. "Joe" Riley held this position for 40 years.
  • Raising Wages Summit

  • Tent City March

    From Tent City to City Hall re: homeless camps on Meeting and Lee Streets and Meeting and Huger Streets
  • Bernie Sanders at Meminger Auditorium

    Town Hall
  • March For Joyce Curnell

    protester march against the death of Joyce Curnell at Al Cannon Detention Center
  • #BeingBlackAtCofC

    Twitter campaign
  • Federal Court Indicts Michael Slager

    Arrest warrant issued on federal civil rights charges
  • Pulse Night Club Shooting (Orlando)

  • March For Unity

    From Gaillard Center to Marion Square against shooting at Mother Emanuel marking one year anniversary
  • NCPD Community Engagement Forum

  • No Justice No Peace March

    Protest/march/drum circle in Marion Square where d'Baha calls for NCPD Citizen's Review Board
  • Peace Rally in Marion Square

  • People's Assembly

    People's Assembly
    d'Baha arrested when public comment portion of North Charleston City Council meeting cuts short and proceeds to give comment anyway
  • Park Circle Protest

  • United People Against Inequality

    Assembly at Marion Square
  • Call To Action - NCPD Citizens Review Board

    at North Charleston City Hall City Council Meeting
  • South Discomfort at Redux

    Community conversation organized in the wake of the "slave baby" incident
  • Day of Healing

  • Michael Slager State Trial Begins

  • Slager Jury Selected

    Five white women, six white men, and one black man were chosen as the primary jurors for the trial. African Americans make up only eight percent of the jury for the Slager trial, but make up 28 percent of Charleston County. "Well there's only one black juror on it, that's not representative of the community. Although not the stated purpose of defense council," Charleston Attorney Dwayne Green said.
  • Feidin Santana Testifies in Slager Trial

    One hour and 20 minutes of cross examination
  • Louis Farrakan Speaks

    Royal Life Center
  • Dylann Roof Federal Trial begins

  • North Charleston approves citizens police advisory commission plan

  • Love Trumps Hate Rally

    Rally in Marion Square to Protest Trumps presidential bid
  • Dylann Roof found competent to stand trial

  • Mistrial declared in Slager State trial

  • People's Assembly

    People's Assembly
    at North Charleston City Council meeting
  • N. CHS Council Meeting:Transparency Citizens Advisory Board

    During North Charleston city council meeting, concerned citizens including D'Baha, ask for greater transparency concerning selection of members for a newly formed citizens' advisory board, which is being implemented after months of work by the community as a result of the the DOJ's review of NCPD practices in the wake of the shooting death of Walter Scott. Some council members openly antagonistic.
  • Dylann Roof sentenced to death

  • Charleston Woman's March

  • Healing Circle at LAMC

  • School Bus Brawl

    Students arrested for fighting on school bus and detained until Feb. 21, 17; community calls out NCPD for police brutality
  • Grand Flagging

    Secessionist Party fly Confederate flag and Trump flag on their trucks parking on the top deck of a parking garage when the heard Bree Newsome was coming to speak at CofC
  • People's March On Columbia

  • Bree Newsome Talk at CofC

    One year after removing flag from SC Statehouse grounds Newsome visits CofC
  • Confederate Flag Grab

    Muhiyidin d'Baha arrested for snatching Confederate flag at "show down" between Secessionist Party and Black Lives Matter Charleston outside of Bree Newsome talk at CofC
  • Police in Schools Forum

    Police in Schools Forum
  • Dylann Roof sentenced

    9 consecutive life sentences without parole plus 90 years
  • Rally For Trans Women of Color

  • Slager Federal Trial begins

  • Dwayne Stafford Assaults Dylann Roof in custody

  • CHS History Commission Approves Calhoun Plaque

    Charleston History Commission approves watered-down wording of plaque meant to provide historical context too Calhoun statue. Contingent upon a future vote by City Council. The plaque never comes to fruition.
  • Muhiyidin d'Baha killed in New Orleans

  • Calhoun Statue Removed from Marion Square

    John C. Calhoun statue removed from Marion Square after 17-hour process. Charleston City Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution for the removal on the previous evening.
    "We have a sense of unity moving forward for racial conciliation and for unity in this city," Mayor John Tecklenburg said following the vote, the station reported. "God bless you all."
  • Moral Monday