Mary Manning - Through the years

  • Grandmothers Parents

    Grandmothers Parents
    Her mother came to the USA in 1922 from a little town called "Ballymote" in Ireland. Her Father came in 1910 from a town called Apledoorn in the Netherlands. There his mother was the Pastry Chef in the summer palace for the king and queen of the Netherlands
  • Grandmother is born

    Grandmother is born
    Born near the end of World War in Dorchester MA. Received Ratian (similar to a coupon book) book at a very young age which was used to get food.
  • First communion

    First communion
    Goes through Catholic first communion. At the time first communion was a very big event. Catholicism is still present in her life and other generations after her.
    After her first communion her dress was sent to cousins in Ireland because her cousins were unable to afford a dress.
  • Visits Ireland

    Visits Ireland
    Went with her mother to visit family because her mother had not been there in 35 years. There she met her grandmother. At the time she was the only grandparent she had left.
  • Graduates high school

    Graduates high school
    Graduates Girls Latin school. Education was very important in the family. Her high school was all girls, and a very tough education.
  • Joined navy

    Joined navy
    Joined the navy because did not have enough money to pay for college.
    "To help defend my country and to pay for college"
  • Graduated college

    Graduated college
    Graduated Boston college school of nursing. Senior year she met her soon to be husband Mike Manning.
  • During vietam war

    During vietam war
    On her way to serve in the Navy at Pensacola Naval Hospital during Vietnam War.
    Pictured to the right is Mike Manning who was in the army reserve.
  • Married

    Married Mike Manning in Dorchester MA.
  • Starts a family

    Starts a family
    At the age of 24 had her son Mike and a age 25 had daughter Annie. 3 months after having her son she moved to Miami. Lived in Miami, FL from 68-72
    Lived in Lawrenceville, GA from 72-83
    Lived in to Milton, MA 1983- 2008
  • Career

    1970-1976. Worked at a small rural hospital in Buford Georgia.
  • Career Continued

    Career Continued
    Piedmont Hospital School of Nursing and Emory 1976-1989. Here she received her masters degree.
  • Career change

    Career change
    Had worked in hospitals from 1966-1990 as well as teaching nursing school but she wanted a change. So she started a small consulting company on health and nursing issues. Worked there until she retired 10 years ago. 1990-2012
  • Visits White House

    Visits White House
    Invited to White House to discuss nursing and health care issues.
    Met several Presidents such as George Bush Senior.
  • Officially Retired

    Officially Retired
    Retires and buys apartment in Anguilla to go with previously owned cape house where she host family all the time.
  • 50 wedding anniversary

    50 wedding anniversary
    50th wedding anniversary exactly 50 years later in the same church. Involved lots of family along with a celebration after.
  • Vacationing

    Trip to Octoberfest in Munich Germany 2019.
    Often travels with couple from Houston, Texas that she previously met on another trip.