• Chapter 1

    Chapter 1
    Dr. Browne is the shrink/terapist who got the job of decovering what is wrong with Crabbe. Dr. Brown deals with Crabbe after his journey.
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    Crabbe Timeline

  • Chapter 2

    Crabbe relizes that he has to do stuff for himself and not just for others.
  • Chapter 3

    Crabbe is hiding and gathering all the equipment for the journey in a dark corner in the basement that his parents never go to. Crabbe is going to travel into the woods away from cicilization.
  • Chapter 4

    (FatAssGrant) Crabbe's gym teacher caught crabbe with alchol in his locker. When he went down to the main office he didn't get a punishment. This was because his parents were close with the people working at the school.
  • Chapter 5

    Chapter 5
    Crabbe was loading the Canoe onto the top of the station wagon and it was hard for him to put it there because he said that he was small and skinny and it was hard to load the canoe. His garage opend when he was trying to lead it and because he wasent able to load it he and himself droped because he didn't want his parents to see or else it would mess up the whole setup so he was sitting there until they left.
  • Chapter 6

    Crabbe has started his journey in the station wagon to ithica camp, that is where he will start off on his journey. Once he got there he droped his canoe into the water and that was step 1. The canoe was moving down river when he went back to the car to get his other equipment so he put a rope on it so it didn't float away again. He was worried because he didn't have a life jacket. He learned how to control the canoe easily and how to turn it.
  • Chapter 7

    The first leg of the journey was easy on him and Crabbe said that the water stream took him where he wanted to go most of the time, it was a clear day. He had to stop midway becausae there was a bever dam that took up the whole area of the river. He repacked the bags that he was carying because the leather straps were hurting his sholders. when he was trying to sleep in his shelter the only thing he could hear was the bow of the canoe banging on the rock outside in the water.
  • Chapter 8

    When he woke up he had a "work hangover" and he said the water was tea coloured and the tent was nice and warm, he did not want to get up. All of his supplies were wet aswell as the food. When he was sleeping he woke up to hear some tearing noises then he was tuged out of the tent and he rolled up in a ball and yelled "NO, NO, NO" then the creature went away, when he woke up he thought it was a bear. When he woke up he relized when the ordeal was happening he pissed himself and threw up.
  • Chapter 9

    He said that he had no idea where he was going he just wanted to get away. For breakfast he had cold intant coffee and cherrios. He cleaned off his items in the river and he went back to sleep for another night.
  • Chapter 10

    Crabbe after he had fallen down the waterfall he saw a woman with large grey eyes and she said "try to get up." He was told that he has broken a couple of ribs and his arm. He was sitting by the camp fire while we was waiting to get better and to rest after his little journey.
  • Chapter 11

    Crabbe and Mary were looking at the fishing rope line to see if there is any food. Mary got mad at Crabbe because she wanted to get a new cast on his arm but he said he dosen't want it
  • Chapter 12

    mary makes crabbe go into the woods on his own to see if he can survive in the bush.
  • Chapter 13

    They set up snaires so that the can catch food because they were low on supplies.
  • Chapter 14

    Crabbe said i love you to mary
  • Chapter 15

    Crabbe any mary go to a hunting camp and they plan goes wrong because she was caught.
  • Chapter 16

    When they escape the home or hunting camp they climb rocks and then one morning when crabbe woke up mary fell off the ledge and he cremated her
  • Chapter 17

    When crabbe got back to the camp he wanted to see what was in the bag or box and he found out that she pulled the plug on her husband and she and her husband were professers.
  • Chapter 18

    Crabbe was making the decison about leaving or staying for the winter.
  • Chapter 19

    Crabbe left for cicilization and on his way he got frostbite badly on his left end fingers
  • Capter 20

    he found a cabin and he was found by a trucker and they went to the hospital
  • Chapter 21

    at the hospital his parents were there and after they had talked crabbe returns home.
  • Chapter 22

    Crabbe feels like he has a new life and people look up to him not down onto him, he has become a better person.