Charles Darwin

  • A simple boy

    A simple boy
    Born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, on February 12 1809 at his family home, the fifth of six children, and privileged I will say, born on his family home, a very wealthy family at the time, and with influential family members, specially one of his grandfathers, Erasmus Darwin famous for his book Zoonomia 1794, one consider to be the early theories of evolution, a Christian by holy baptism on November, although a member of his mother's church, a different denomination.
  • Growing up

    Growing up
    Young Charles was just starting day school when his mother passed away, either from a severe ulcer or stomach cancer, the cause is unknown but rather based on her symptoms, making young Charles an orphan at only 8 years old, maybe when he most needed his dear mother, and even if these is not an influential factor on his Evolutionist theories, is one that definitely marked young Charles; at age 16 he helped his dad with medical work and shortly after was sent to Medical school.
  • Medical School

    Medical School
    While attending the University of Edinburgh medical school, at the time the most important in all England, with his brother he found the subjects not interesting and the medical procedures repulsive, he learned Taxidermy from a former Slave John Edmonstone and possibly heard of adventures in South America, in the jungle. As part of his classes research he presented his findings on Oysters, spores belonging to actual skate leech, but maybe most important joining the College museum and inventory.
  • A Theology degree

     A Theology degree
    After failing his fathers expectations on medical school, he was sent to a Christian academy, to become a priest and a missionary or a Parson, he completed then a Bachelor of Arts degree, and while at the college, his early research collecting bugs, as part of an assignment in geology he spent four days mapping Strata in Wales, maybe another eye opener for the senior student.
    Charles Darwin graduated 10th from 178 students his class. Darwin was also exposed to all the creationist theories.
  • A Voyage

    A Voyage
    After receiving a letter in August, a formal invitation for a philosopher needed for the HMS Beagle, under captain Robert FitzRoy, young Darwin once again and despite his fathers lack of support gets the opportunity, after one uncle finally convinced his father to let him go on a proposed two year trip that lasted almost five years around the world, this is probably the most important because of his collection and study brought back to England at the end of the journey.
  • The Works.

    The Works.
    The mission was stablished, mapping the cost lines for the crew, and a well recorded collection from Darwin of specimens and fossils found on the almost five years journey, at one point they even experienced an earthquake that lifted the land exposing fossils, and his collection of birds and examination of the Galapagos islands, all of the evidence he could possibly collect. Most importantly the differences in between such of close islands in species, each adapted to the environment.
  • The Scientists

    The Scientists
    By the time Darwin arrived back to England he was already famous, funded by his father he became a Gentleman Scientist, where he dedicated his time to complete all of the lab work on collected specimens, all part of these puzzle of him, now evident on the way he now believed all things were related, like a big pyramid where we all comes from the same point down, His famous book the theory of natural selection would spark his sentence.
  • The Most Dangerous man in England

    The Most Dangerous man in England
    After his publications came out he suffered a lot of persecution for even daring challenging the religious views of the time, and certainly shocked the community, he kept a constant argument with science scholars of the time, and at the end his theory is still being challenge from a lot of groups, keeping the reader from making a determination on the two theories, part of the church actually adapted his views with a supreme being above it all.