Basil Alsafadi

Timeline created by Basil Alsafadi
  • Born

    I was born in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah November 10 2010.
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    Basil Alsafadi's life

  • Start School

    Start School
    I went to a school called Kids Campus for kg 1 2 and 3 It was very fun there I had 3 friends there names were Yusuf and another Yusuf and Ahmad
  • Sister was born

    Sister was born
    My sister was born in America California 2015 April 1 I did not want her to be born on April 1 because I can not prank her for April fools sadly.
  • Started playing basketball

    Started playing basketball
    My dad liked basketball so he made me play it for the year it was really fun my cotch was very kind and he sometimes makes us do our favourite exercise.
  • Went to Nun Academy

    Went to Nun Academy
    When I became grade one I moved school's so I went to nun academy on the year it opened it was amazing I had so much fun with my Arabic teacher.
  • Went to football

    Went to football
    I stopped playing basketball and went to football and won the tournament I scored in that year 46 goals and I saved 59 goals.
  • Broke arm

    Broke arm
    In 2018 soccer practice I saved 2 penalty's so the cotch shoot the ball to see if I can save it then it broke my arm.
  • Back to basketball

    Back to basketball
    When my arm was heeled I stopped football and went to basketball again I had a different cotch he was the best one I ever had he made us shoot most of the time and play match's against each other.
  • Read a book series

    Read a book series
    When I was 9 I read a book series called Geronimo Stilton. It was about a mouse who has a adventure every day and it used to be my favourite book .
  • Brother was born

    Brother was born
    My brother was born in America California 2019 April 29.
  • Became one of the best players in basketball

    Became one of the best players in basketball
    The coach put me in the best basketball group I was so happy it was one of the best days at basketball.
  • Read Harry Potter

    Read Harry Potter
    I started reading Harry Potter allot and now I am on Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.