• 7.2 Transitions

    Having BPD (illness) led me to therapy because my friends forced me into it because they were worried about me. This is an example of the transition from individualistic to integrated.
  • 1.1 The Beginning

    My parents disowned me. This was a non-normative life event that catapulted me into adulthood. The withdrew any financial or social support they had been providing, I was no longer welcome home, and I was officially on my own.
  • 4.1 Young Adult Role Transition

    I was kicked out of my parents homes at 20, while I was in college. During college I plan on living on campus and after I plan on cohabiting. Many people return home after college until they get a stable career and can move out, but this is not an option for me.
  • 2.2 Genetic Limits

    Insert tiny robots into the body to repair telomeres only to the point where they won't yet cause cancer.
  • 2.3 My Current Healthy Lifestyle

    On the quiz I answered yes to 3/7 questions, that's not so good. I would like to exercise more.
  • 3.2 Working Memory

    The decline in my working memory will make it harder to learn new things or switch fields of study/work. I will have to take more time and effort to get things from my working memory to my long-term memory.
  • 7.3 Major Life Event

    I changed my eating habits to lose weight. I coped with this change by focusing less on food; using self-distraction as a coping mechanism.
  • 4.3 Adult Attachment Style

    I scored Fearful-Avoidant across the board for attachment style. This does not really surprise me having childhood trauma, bipolar, disorder, BPD, and having been neglected as a child. This shows up in my relationships by if anyone gets too close to me I jump into another relationship rather than let that person get to know me.
  • 6.4 Conformist

    I would say this is the stage I'm in right now. I can identify myself in terms of the LGBT community, the deaf community, with bipolar and BPD symptoms. However, I have yet to find myself outside of those groups.
  • 7.1 Fowler

    I believe I am at the Synthetic/Conventional stage of faith because I still find authority outside myself. I'm not religious but I'm sure I have beliefs to which I assign meaning to experiences. I haven't yet self-analyzed enough to tell you concretely what those beliefs are.
  • 6.1 My RIASEC Type

    I got SAR for my Holland code and jobs such as childcare and psychiatry come up. This makes sense for me seeing as I want to become a school psychologist. I think this was a good test for me and aligns well with my goals in life.
  • 2.1 Oxidative Damage

    Start antioxidant infusions weekly to balance out the free radicals in the body.
  • 6.3 Love

    As a person with BPD I think this stage will resolve later for me than for most people because my development is delayed especially with relationships. I currently am suffering feelings of isolation as well as being in a relationship.
  • 2.4 Potential Consequences of My Lifestyle

    I could get certain diseases or illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, because of not eating healthy or working out enough. I could gain weight and become obese and have a lower quality of life because of that. I am putting myself more at risk for diabetes, certain cancers, and Alzheimer's by leading a sedentaryr lifestyle.
  • 6.2 Super's Stages

    Establishment typically occurs around the ages of 25-44 and is when you're picking up new skills and finding where and how to root yourself in your new career.
  • 3.1 Divided Attention

    Declines in divided attention will make it more difficult for me to follow conversation in multi conversation environments. It will also make it more difficult for me to multitask in general. Typically multitasking uses procedural memory to automize one task and focus on the other but this ability decreases with age.
  • 4.2 Older Adult Role Transition

    Becoming a care receiver. I've been a care receiver before in my adulthood, being bipolar. So, I feel that this transition will go relatively smoothly, but who's to say. I hope I am not a victim of elder abuse, but luckily those numbers are going down.
  • 8.1 The End

    Ayden "AJ" Carrier died on this day. He is survived by his spouse, Jake Rosen, and his younger brother, Samuel Carrier. They both will miss him dearly. In his life he was a deaf drag performer, a camp aide at a deaf camp called Isola Bella and an artist as well as a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He writes to LGBT youth, "you can do hard things." He was a transgender, deaf, mentally ill individual and wanted people to know that nothing can stop a stubborn mind.