Ancient Roman Empire

  • 753 BCE

    The city of Rome was founded

    When the god of war Mars had to twin sons, one of the brothers Romulus name the city Rome after killing his twin brother Remus.
  • 509 BCE

    Rome Becomes a republic.

    When the last king of Rome was overthrown. Rome is now ruled by elected officials called senators.
  • 496 BCE

    Ancient Rome is victorious against the Latin League

  • 451 BCE

    The Twelve Tables of Roman Laws are published

  • 390 BCE

    Ancient Rome is defeated by the Gauls.

    The Gauls would go on to sack Ancient Rome.
  • 264 BCE

    The First Punic War begins with Carthage.

  • 218 BCE

    The Second Punic War begins with Carthage.

  • 149 BCE

    The Third Punic War starts against Carthage.

  • 73 BCE

    Spartacus the gladiator leads the slaves in an uprising.

  • 45 BCE

    Julius Caesar becomes the first dictator of Ancient Rome.

    This brings the Roman republic to a close.
  • 44 BCE

    Julius Caesar is assassinated by Marcus Brutus.

    Civil war begins in Rome.
  • 27 BCE

    The Roman Empire Begins as Agustus Caesar Becomes the Roman Emperor

  • 80

    The colosseum is built

  • 380

    Theodosius I declares Christianity to be the sole religion of the Roman Empire

  • 395

    Rome splits to two empires

  • 410

    Rome is sacked for the first time in 800 years Rome has fallen to the Visigoths

  • 476

    The fall of Ancient Rome