Amelia VanEngelenhoven, Period 4; Fetal Development Timeline

  • Ovulation

    -Egg is about 100 microns wide and long.
    -Egg holds first set of DNA
  • Conception

    -Egg stays the same size
    -Sperm is much smaller than egg
    -The sperm enters into the egg, starting pregnancy.
  • Beginning of 1st Trimester

  • End of Month 1

    End of Month 1
    -Height 6-7mm long
    -size of a grain of rice
  • End of Month 2

    End of Month 2
    -Embryo is about 2.54 cm long
    -Weighs about 9.45 g
    -Tiny buds are growing. These will turn into arms, and legs.
    -Neural tube is well formed now.
  • End of Month 3

    End of Month 3
    -Embryo is about 7.6-10 cm long
    -weighs about 28 g
    -arms, hands, finger, feet, and toes are formed
    -the external ears are fully formed
  • Beginning of 2nd Trimester

  • End of month 4

    End of month 4
    -About 6-7” long
    -Things around the eyes (eyelids, eyebrows, eyelashes) are beginning to form.
    -Nervous system has mostly grown and the baby has began moving around.
  • End of Month 5

    End of Month 5
    -Weighs about 1 LB
    -Baby is about 10” long
    -Fetus is beginning to develop advanced muscles, and begins to excessive them.
  • End of Month 6

    End of Month 6
    -Baby is about 1ft long and weighs about 2 Lb
    -Baby has begun to create reserves of fat.
    -The baby can now react to many different stimuli
  • Beginning of third trimester.

  • End of 7th Month

    End of 7th Month
    -Fetus can be between 14-16” long
    -Can weigh about 2-4 Lb
    -Body fat is continued to be stored.
  • End of Month 8

    End of Month 8
    -Fetus is about 18” long
    -On average, weighs about 5 Lb
    -Fetus is still developing fat reserves.
    -Baby is kicking and moving around more often.
    -By now, the lungs are fully developed.
  • End of Month 9

    End of Month 9
    -Newborns weigh about 6-9 Lb on average
    -Babies generally are 18-20” long
    -The baby is fully grown, and ready to live outside the mothers womb.