Alternate History #4 (The Rise of Roosevelt)

Timeline created by Twack
  • Theodore Roosevelt Is Elected President For A 3rd Term

    Beating out Woodrow Wilson by a landslide, Teddy becomes the first president in US history to hold more than 2 terms. He immediately institutes his "socialist" policies, such as a national healthcare system, a federal income tax, and voting rights for women.
  • World War One Begins

    After the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Austria-Hungarian Empire declares war on Serbia, allied with Russia, to begin the third deadliest conflict in world history. Combatants:
    -German Empire
    -Ottoman Empire
    -Bulgaria Allies
    -Russian Empire
    -British Raj, Oman, Egypt, Sudan
    -Central A.
  • United Latin Front Declares War on Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador

    Newly-Fascist nations Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina declare war on other countries in South America. These dictatorships are funded by the German and Austria-Hungarian empires.
  • The United States Declare War

    5 days after the sinking of the Lusitania, Theodore Roosevelt convinces Congress to declare war on the Central Powers and the alliance they supported in the Americas, the United Latin Front.
  • War In America Ends

    With the armies of Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador defeated, the allies saw no other option but to work out a peace deal. A war split between two continents was exhausting. As Colombia consumed more and more as it ravaged countries in Central America, the allies worked out the Treaty of Havanna. While the Allies signed and ceded all of South and Central America to the 3 tyrant nations, they focused their efforts in Europe to defeat the Germans.
  • World War One Ends In Eurasia (Allied Victory)

    America's quick involvement in the war crushed German lines and moral. As the Western front fell to the new arrivals, the Eastern front also gave way. The Tzar falls in 1917 but to the Mensheviks. France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, and Greece cut up the European powers. The Ottomans, having exited in 1915, decide to cede most of their empire to preserve the Sultanate.
  • Period: to

    The Great War

    Made of 2 wars: The war in Eurasia against the Central Powers, and the War in South America against the Poderes Latinos Unidos.