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  • Birthday!

    I was born on Thursday, April 12, 2006. According to my mom, I was born at around 11:45 pm (almost born on the Friday the 13th!) and I weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces. (This is a "secondary source," because my mother is telling me about it--I was there, but I don't remember!)
  • 2011 Start Kindergarten

  • 2012 Start First Grade

  • Started gymnastics

    Started gymnastics
    In May 2012, at 6 years old, I started gymnastics at CG's Gymnastics, in Baton Rouge. As soon as I started, I knew I loved it. I couldn't get enough gymnastics!
  • 2013 Start Second Grade

    2013 Start Second Grade
    The picture is an example of a "primary source," because it is my actual interim report card from November, 2013 (2nd grade).
  • 2014 Start Third Grade

  • My First State Meet

    My First State Meet
    I loved gymnastics so much that I started competing in it! This is a picture of my scores from my very first state meet (this is a primary source, because it was directly from that time and place). I came in first!
  • 2015 Start Fourth Grade

  • 2015: Start the day program at Elite Gymnastics!

    2015:  Start the day program at Elite Gymnastics!
    In the spring 2015, I enrolled in the day program at Elite Gymnastics. We study with Connections Academy (now University View Academy), and we train gymnastics every day. The picture is a primary source from 6/3/2016, which shows me doing a front tuck off beam.
  • I made this timeline!

    I made this timeline!
    I edited it right before I turned it in. This is a primary document in a way, because it is something I finished, 1/3/2018.
  • Period: to

    Primary School at South Fork Elementary

    For kindergarten through fourth grade, I went to elementary school at South Fork Elementary.